Two left feet and one wedding dance: how to dance like no one is watching

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Some people are born dancers. They crawl out of the womb with the grace of a third year ballet student, and proceed to tap dance through life, pirouetting around anything that may come in the way of them and their inherently graceful limbs. Others are not as lucky. For some, the idea of dancing in public is worse than the notion of getting ten teeth pulled in one sitting. These people may think of themselves as awkward or even clumsy – the kind of person who, when faced with a straight line, walks in a crooked one (sans alcohol). But one thing that needs to be mentioned is that dancing is a skill that can be learnt. So, If you find yourself losing sleep over your approaching wedding dance and would like to find ways of managing and overcoming the fear of dancing in public, read on.

Like everything, dancing is a skill, that, when honed correctly, can turn into a talent. Yes, some people have a natural affinity towards it, but for the rest of us, it’s an ability that can be learnt with practice and a fair share of dedication. Therefore, the first step to overcoming your lack of dancing skills is – you guessed it – to dance. You can start by turning the music on high and the lights on low in the comfort of your own bedroom, and dancing like a crazy person. Next you can try doing the same thing in a dark, crowded club. Once you’re comfortable enough to dance in public, accompany your fiancé to the dance classes where you will be taught your wedding dance. And then comes the magic word: practice.

Practicing your dance is the key ingredient to wedding dance success. Practice until you could do the dance in your sleep. Practice until you feel completely at ease in the steps. Practice in front of the dance teacher and practice with your partner when it’s just the two of you. If you know every inch of the dance like the lines on your palm, you will get to your wedding and be able to perform it with ease and confidence.

Another important ingredient that will influence the overall success of your wedding dance is how relaxed and comfortable you are at the time of performing the dance. Being relaxed is not something that can be forced. It is something that has to come from a balanced place inside you. Achieving that sense of balance has to come naturally. But you may be pleasantly surprised if the day of your wedding arrives and you feel it without having to try just from the sheer magic of the day.

Feel like you’ve still got a bad case of the dreaded two-left-feet syndrome? Take it easy and go along for the ride. Practice your wedding dance until you could do it in your sleep. Realise that everything worth achieving takes time, patience and dedication. Allow yourself the freedom of relaxing and let your body do the rest. And during the actual dance? If all else fails, mentally transport yourself back to your bedroom with the music pumping and the only other person in the room your reflection in the mirror. And dance like no one is watching.

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