Top 5 things to pack in your wedding day bag

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Lists are important, we all know that, right? Without lists informing us of what we need to do and how we need to do it, we’d be up a list-less creek without a pen in sight, let alone an oar. Ok, whether that last example actually makes sense is another story, but without a detailed list explaining the metaphor’s pro’s and con’s, all we can be certain about is that the world is definitely a better place because many of its occupants are list writers.

When you find yourself in the throes of wedding planning, you may notice yourself compiling list upon list of things that are important.Because nobody wants to forget something super important, right? Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of our own to share with you. So in case you’ve been thinking about what you’ll be needing with your on your wedding day, here we present you with the top 5 most important bits and bobs to include in your wedding day bag. Here they are:


A toothbrush

To keep things nice and fresh, pack a toothbrush and a mini tube of toothpaste in the bag you’ll have with you on your wedding day. Between the dry heat of your hair stylist’s blow dryer and the bright lights of your photographer, it’s only natural for you to crave a burst of freshness. A toothbrush is especially useful for brides who find they can’t eat much on their wedding day, as it will help distill any kind of dry breathe that might ensue from lack of food (and smiling too much).

Band Aids

Your wedding shoes may be completely comfortable – when you tried them on in the store. But add 5 consecutive hours of energetic dancing and your feet may start feeling like they are constantly being pricked by pins. Here’s where band aids come to your rescue. Band aids will create a layer between your shoes and your skin, and help prevent those painful blisters. So stock up on those little strips of sticky magic, and don’t feel too awkward when you have to start applying them in the middle of the wedding.


Exciting events can also mean stressful events. A wedding can be both stressful and exciting at times. As we know, stress can sometimes bring on headaches. Pack a slab of Panadol in your wedding bag and pull them out if needed. Wait 20 minutes, and voila – peace is restored.


Brides are human, too, and humans sweat. For peace of mind, include your favourite deodorant in your bag and you’ll be smelling like daisies the entire night long.


As mentioned earlier, wedding shoes can turn into painful foot encasings. Treat your feet to a rest when they need it by bringing a pair of comfortable, padded sockets to dance around in during the dance brackets. When you get sick of wearing them, simply slip back on your shoes. Easy!

Feel free to add to this list with other things you feel are important. The main thing is to keep those lists coming. Those of us who belong to the list writing club will know list writing is more than just jotting down ideas on paper – it’s an art form. Oh, and by the way, don’t feel weird if you write something down on your list that you have already completed only because you want the satisfaction of crossing it out. It is right #347 of the list writer’s committee, and no one messes with that.

So what item can’t you live without on your wedding day ?



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