Top 5 mistakes brides make over their wedding hair and make up

By September 20, 2013Blog, Hair & Makeup
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We’ve all heard horror stories of cosmetic encounters gone wrong – the celebrity who botox-ed the botox out of her face so that her eyebrows appear as if frozen, the 13 year old teenager who burnt her hair off with a curling iron, haircuts that are so bad they should be illegal, you know the ones we mean.

But no matter how terribly wrong these stories often go, they always start with good intentions. When planning your wedding, you will, of course, need to start thinking about hiring hair and make-up artists for the day. If all goes according to plan, you’ll be able to find someone competent in the field who will transform you into a beautiful bride.

But things do have the potential to go wrong, especially if you’re unprepared and have never done it before. Therefore we have compiled a list of the 5 most common mistakes brides make over their hair and makeup. If you don’t want to go down as one of those aforementioned horror stories, read on.

Not doing a hair and makeup trial

If only Mimi from the Drew Carey show had a trial...

If only Mimi from the Drew Carey show had a trial…

To some brides-to-be, the idea of paying someone to do your makeup before the actual wedding seems superfluous and unnecessary. But don’t be fooled into thinking a makeup trial is just another pointless activity.

During your makeup trial you will get to see how your face is going to look on your wedding day. Your trial is a great time to see if you’re happy with the makeup artist’s style, and the colours she used to paint your face.

If you’re unhappy with a certain aspect of your made up face, now is the time to be vocal about it, and if you’re unhappy with your makeup artist’s personality, it is not too late to find a new one. Because of all this, trials are the best route to go if you want to be prepared and on the safe side.

Not scheduling enough time on the day

As humans, we tend to assume that things will take less time than they actually do. In order to keep things running smoothly on your wedding day, schedule more time for your hair and makeup appointments than you think it will take. This will allow for time at the end to fix things up just the way you like.

Trying to be someone you’re not

When deciding on which makeup style to go with, it’s easy to think that channeling a celebrity or someone you admire is the way to go. But if you stick with styles that suit your face, you will find that once the makeup and hair is done, you will feel and appear more authentically you.

If you do want to garner outside inspiration as a source to go by, try choosing an era instead, or a style that tie in nicely with your dress.

Following come-and-go trends

Trends are like waves. When they are current, there is a swell of energy and excitement. But, like waves, they do recede back into the distance once they pass. So, while wearing a bold, coloured eyeliner might be fashionable at the time of your wedding, looking back in 20 years you may have a what-was-I-thinking moment.

Weddings are all about being classic, so keep things simple and paired back and you’ll have wedding photos you’ll be proud of.

Getting talked into a look that isn’t you

Makeup and hair professionals are the creative type, and creative types sometimes get ideas in their heads that they want to see or make happen – even if you happen to be the guinea pig.

If you’re in the middle of getting your hair done and your stylist pauses and says in an authoritative voice, “Hey, do you know what would be totally rad? You in a bob. Do you want me to make that happen?” first remove the scissors gently from her hand, then calmly explain that you’ve been growing your hair since your engagement. In a word, you can tell her, the answer is ‘no’.

Remember that you are the one who has the final say and it is your day so do what feels right for you at that moment.

Like everything wedding-related, the ultimate decisions over hair and makeup have to come from you and what you’re comfortable with. So take your time to decide what look you’re going for and you’ll walk out of your hair and makeup appointments like the dream bride you always thought you would be.



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