Top 15 quirky wedding photo ideas for those not willing to grow up

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Photographers are to weddings what paparazzi are to celebrities. On your wedding day, you and your new husband will be followed around the entire day, from early morning preparations until the moment you drive off in your wedding car at the end of the night. At some point on the day, you will go off with your husband and your photographer to get those essential romantic shots. You may choose a beach for the setting, or perhaps your favourite park. Both these settings make for great couples shots.


But if you would like to give your photos a creative edge and are happy to have some unusual wedding shots of the two of you & your wedding party, you may want to consider adding a level of fun and playfulness by choosing venues that are a little less serious. There are many settings to choose from for your wedding shots. This article will highlight a few of the more unexpected and quirky settings you may not have thought of. If you like any of the ideas, be brave and run with it. Chances are you won’t regret it.

The thing with wedding photos is that they are quite formal by nature. And it’s this formality that makes them predictable. Bride and groom stand elegantly in front of old Victorian fence. You can imagine that this couple will be posed tastefully, staring demurely into the camera. Now picture that same Victorian fence and the same couple posing in front of it, but this time the couple are pulling faces at the camera. The effect is entirely different because there is an unexpected element of surprise.



With quirky wedding shots, there is always something that catches you by surprise. And that’s exactly the beauty of them. Of course everyone wants to have the beautiful, romantic shots, but if you’re game, there is a lot of fun to be had with some more eccentric ones. But how to go about achieving these shots?


Think outside the camera lens: where is an unlikely place for a bride and groom? Here are but a few examples: a children’s playground, a circus, a coffee shop, a train, bus or plane, a fruit and vegie market, a florist, a café, a bookshop, a bowling alley, a country fair, an amusement park…and the list goes on. By posing for shots in any of the above venues, or in an unusual venue you thought of yourself, you will juxtapose the ordinary with the unexpected, which will in turn create some awesome wedding shots. An added bonus is that the people around you in these venues will share in your happiness. You may even attract a bit of a following. Soak up their energy and enjoy it.



Are you convinced? If yes, great, because now you can go ahead and implement some fun wedding shots of your own. If not, that’s ok, too. Maybe your style is more conventional. Whatever you do decide to do, put your whole self in it – don’t do it half-heartedly. Embrace your creative side and prepare to have some serious fun. You only live life once and some of us really are not meant to grow up.











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