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Mostly the wedding car disappears after the wedding and very few ever make top billing as far as memories are concerned. But do you think your ride to church was special? Wait till you see what others decided to use.

In an effort to pay homage to her Hill-billy roots, a bride was pushed all the way to church in a wheelbarrow. Sounds like fun, but spare a moment for her legs that got so badly bruised and depleted of all blood as they hung over the front end, that she could hardly walk down the isle. In some countries this wheelbarrow thing is the tradition.

Then there was the rebellious bride that decided to arrive on her Harley followed by the whole town’s motorcycle gang. Nothing strange about this, apart from the fact that she fell down as she drove onto the gravel at church. Her face without a helmet and legs were so badly scraped that she had to go to the emergency room to have some of the smaller stones removed from under her skin.

Out in Sale, a farmer brought his bride to church on his combine. As she was helped up to the cockpit, she was already semi hysterical. Her fear of heights kept her on that machine for way much longer than the priest could stand, so eventually he climbed up as well and did the ceremony right there and then. Eventually she was brought down, a mess of tears and fears.

We think fondly about the groom that arrived at his wedding in a coffin in the back of a hearse. Family members were totally shocked as he was carried in and lifted from his wooden coat. No matter how he tried, his mother simply could not forgive him such an act of blasphemy – especially as the bride came in a Holden sedan.

In some cultures it is customary for the bride to be carried to the church. Some or other contraption with poles usually works well. The bride sits like an Indian princess on top of this. That is if the construction was done with her weight in mind.
Moments after she was lifted into the air and carried through the church doors, our bride fell right through the floor of her air ride. Badly cut and scraped, she got married and left for some treatment. It was impossible to stop the giggles during the ceremony, so the couple simply ignored it.

History tells us of the most elaborate ride to church ever recorded. She was the tsarina of Russia, he was a wimp from Poland. She went by ship to get married to him. Only problem was – there was not water between her and her groom all the way. So a crew travelled with her on the massive ship. Where dry land had to be crossed, they simply got out and laid wooden trunks before the ship whilst others pushed and rolled her along.

As the ship moved forwards, the trunks at the back were lifted and rushed to the front again to ensure the motion never stopped. As Catherine the Great arrived in Poland, she changed her mind about the marriage and rather invited him to travel all the way back to Russia with her – on her luxury ship that did not care for water off course.

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