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Are you in the middle of planning your wedding and wish you had an extra pair of hands? an extra brain? an extra 40 hours in the week? Dont we all! Have you thought about getting some help? By help, I mean a wedding planner… Sounds fancy… but the reality is with so many brides working crazy hours, or planning OS or destination weddings, havingĀ  a wedding planner around sure can make life easier…

Just like in the film staring J Lo, wedding planners can take care of everything or you can bring them in to take care of specialist areas (such as wedding styling) Having a wedding that is worthy of the pages of a glossy magazine doesn’t happen easily but with a wedding planner that rustic-french-provincale-outdoor-long table- under a beautiful old tree can be a reality…

So before you think “no way” sounds expensive, have a think about how many hours you have spent planning your wedding… then multiply that by your hourly rate (and think about how many “work” hours you have spent sneakily planning your wedding)
It becomes apparent that having a wedding planner available to help and do all of the dirty work for you is an investment!

yes, we know its not for everyone, but if having someone on board to make a brides life easier means less Bridezilla’s, then thats a good thing!

Think you have what it takes to become a wedding planner? There are heaps of courses out there... imagine spending your year planning weddings… sure beats paperwork and filing!

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