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There was a cry for help, but nobody heard it. After an hour he stopped calling for help and simply sat there staring ahead of him. Looks like this wedding was going to go ahead without him. ‘Pity’, he thought, ‘especially as I am the photographer’.

The story begins with the couple being very adventurous with their choice of backdrop for their wedding pictures. An old derelict and rust filled prison close to their reception seemed to be the perfect place to find the rusty colours and textures that they used in their Autumn reception scheme. The photographer jumped at the chance to shoot something other than garden or pretty place pictures.

The three of them spend quite a long time working out the poses and places they will be shooting the next day. Everybody was quite excited with the test pictures they shot with the couple in jeans and t shirts. The real deal would look simply awesome with her in the off white dress and him in his semi military look.

The morning of the wedding the photographer met up with the bride at her dressing room. Both of them were quite excited about the day. He shot some usual pictures and left her with two hours to spare to go and shoot the reception details. On his way, he simply could not resist to make a quick stop at the prison to shoot a few shots that he may use as atmospheric scene setters.

Soon he was engrossed with the shots he got so he ventured into places that they were specifically told to refrain from due to safety issues. A strange dark room caught his eye as it had tiny holes in the roof that let tiny beams of light into the room. As he shot these, he closed the old rusty door behind him to allow less light into the room.

The door happened to be that of an walk in freezer. He was stuck and no matter how he tried, his efforts had no effect on the thick metal. He franticly searched his pockets for his mobile phone – knowing all to well it was safely switched off in his car. The latter was parked out of sight from the road.

That was when the screaming for help started.

The wedding went ahead with family and friends taking the best pictures they could manage. An emergency photographer agreed to shoot at the last minute at a ridiculous fee. Together they went to the prison to try and get the same shots. To their shock they found the car of the photographer they thought simply ditched them.

A short search found him sweaty, teary and very thirsty. The next weekend the couple got their dream shoot – free of charge from a very grateful photographer.


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