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For some people a fun night out involves downing copious amounts of alcohol and doing things you don’t want to remember the next morning but are fun at the time. It also involves loud, pumping music that gets into your veins and bloodstream; atmospheric lighting that is so atmospheric you can barely see two metres in front of you and a handful of tanned shirtless men whose muscles stick out like woven ropes of pure and utter masculinity. Welcome to the world of hen’s nights, the night brides set aside before they are wed to go completely and utterly crazy while basking in their last days as a singleton. For some, nights like the one described above are the ultimate in girly fun. For others, the very thought of it is enough to turn them off bars for a lifetime. Everyone knows what to do for a typical hen’s night, but what if you’re not a typical girl but would still like to celebrate with your girlfriends? If you are the second kind of girl, here are some ideas for how to have an unconventional hen’s night (and have just as much fun doing it).

Limo ride

There’s something surprisingly liberating about zooming through city streets with your head out the window screaming, “I’m getting marrieeeeeed”. It’s a chance to act like an adult and child simultaneously, all the while not caring what anyone else thinks. Add to the mix some nice champagne, a handful of close friends and a driver who is happy to take you wherever your heart desires, and you’ve got a recipe for a great night out.

Craft night

Sound like something your grandma might do? Well, it may very well be. But rest assured, craft is the new cool these days. Rent out a mosaic studio, splash paint freely on huge canvases, even learn to decorate cupcakes. One of the great things about craft is that you start off with nothing and end off with your own unique creation. You also get to act like a kid again, which is totally worth it in itself.

Scavenger hunt

This is one for the friends to help organize. A scavenger hunt is a life-size game where the world is your board and you are the pieces. There are many variations of the scavenger hunt but the general idea is that you are given a clue that leads you to a destination where the next clue is then given. Complete the hunt and there may just be treasure at the end. A good idea is for some of the clues to coincide with important spots for the couple. Think: the restaurant where he proposed or where they first met. Prerequisites for the hunt include lots of energy and a willingness to play the game.

So there we have it – 3 very different and completely unconventional hen’s night ideas. These ideas may not be your cup of tea – that’s ok. Just request another cup from the bar. And when it arrives, lean in conspiratorially and ask for a side of those shirtless guys we mentioned.



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