The “ugly bridesmaid’s dress” phenomenon

By August 24, 2011Bridesmaid Dresses
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You know that on your big day you want to make

heads turn,

friends gush,

relatives charmed,

and your fiancé’s ex girlfriend(s) become shades of green .

And that is why Ladies it feels very necessary to take every step to secure your position as the most beautiful One in the room on your wedding day. Not only your dress, hair and make-up aids to that but also the accessories you choose to adorn which includes earrings, headpiece, necklace, bag and your bridesmaids.

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Yes bridesmaids are a form of accessories too because your selected bunch of female accompanies will be surrounding you a lot of the times: near the altar, maybe near your table and definitely in your pictures. So by right like your other accessories they should also be zipped up into flattering outfits that would compliment both your wedding theme and yourself.

So why is it that there are so many bridesmaid fashion-horror stories out there? For those of you have seen “27 Dresses”, Katherine Heigl’s role as a frequent bridesmaid had left her with a wardrobe overflowing with hideous dresses where most would have probably done more justice in Halloween! Many are familiar with that experience.

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The ‘ugly’ or perhaps the ‘less-pretty’ bridesmaid ‘s dress phenomenon stems from the idea that it. Some say it is fine if it makes the bride happy, after all it is her day. Other say it is wrong because it only highlights their insecurities and tarnishes the effort of a successful wedding. And then there are the other few who are just plain blind to their unfortunate fashion sense.

Ladies, we are all aware that in the ideal world a wedding is suppose to be a once-in-a-lifetime event so to feel like you look your best, is it ok to make your bridesmaids’ dress a little less pretty?


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