Smart Splurge Spots For Your Wedding
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Getting married is likely to be the biggest celebration of your life — until you celebrate your own child’s wedding one day. You want to have the most beautiful wedding and the most memorable day. Some people try to cut costs here and there to try to avoid hitting the average $30,000 price tag for their wedding, yet they still can’t resist splurging on a few must have items. Here are the top five things that couples splurge on to have their dream wedding.


The Location

The location can make your wedding. For some, getting married in the small, family church where you grew up can be very meaningful and special. For others, they dream of getting married at a beautiful castle overlooking a cliff or of having their reception in a gorgeous ballroom. A more extravagant or coveted location can cost thousands of dollars — both for the wedding venue and the reception venue.

The Dress

For many brides, what’s even more important than the location is the dress. It will be the centerpiece of all your photos, and it will influence the style of your wedding from the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses to the types of flowers you have on the tables. The average cost of a wedding dress is hovering right around $1,200, but some brides will spend upwards of $10,000 on their dream dress. A couture or designer dress can cost even more. Many consider it a splurge worth making considering it is the most important dress they will ever wear and it could be a dressed that is passed on through generations.

The Band

Maybe you saw a local band for your first date and you want to have that band play at your reception. Or maybe you have your heart set on a big swing party for the reception and music on a CD just won’t do — even if you do have a DJ with a great sound system. Paying for a live band can cost you a pretty penny, but for many, it can be worth every penny.

The Photography

After you’ve danced your last dance and made your grand exit, your memories will be what you have left of the day — and your photographs. Most couples recognize that good photography is essential since the pictures will help them remember their special day in the most vivid details. Some will spend thousands on a good photographer to make sure they get those truly special shots that bring alive the spirit of the day.

The Exit Car

Gone are the days when most couples drive off in their own car decorated in shoe polish and streamers announcing that they’ve just been married. Most couples now prefer to make a more stylish exit, and they rent special transportation just for that moment. Vintage cars and Rolls Royces are popular choices, but some have even sprung for extravagant getaways in a horse-drawn carriage, hot air balloon, yacht, or even a helicopter. If you can dream it up and you have the budget to cover it, you can make it possible.

You don’t have to drop the same cheddar as a celebrity to have the wedding of your dreams, but you may want to make a few splurges to get the things that are truly important to you. After all, you expect to get married only once, and you want to make the day truly special. Think about making one of these or another big splurge to get the things you truly want, and look to cut your budget in other areas that are not as important.



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