The story of the eye pencil

By October 18, 2011Blog
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The bride had a natural beauty, flawless skin and gorgeous eyes, so she never bothered with make up. On her wedding day, she decided to get a make up artist to do a bit of dramatic make up as all her family and friends told her that a little will go a long way, especially with all the flashes and photos.

I arrived just as she came from her relaxing bath – smiles and happiness filled the room. The hair and make up people started their magic and I shot the dress and other trinkets waiting for the bride. The bride looked like a million dollars as the final brush strokes went onto her cheeks. In my mind I saw the amazing pictures we were going to shoot.

The dress was lowered very carefully as not to smudge any make up or disturb any curls. She looked like a dream and my camera agreed. “Don’t touch your face,” her mom warned, as the bride was about to rub her eye. “But my eye is burning” she replied. “You simply are not used to make up,” everyone in the room tried to calm her down, but there, right before all of us, her beautiful face started swelling – especially her eyes.

Two quick eye rubs later her make up was all over her face and the tears started streaming down her cheeks leaving long sad black tracks. Carefully the dress was lifted and she was rushed to the bathroom where her mom helped her to wash her face. But, this was only the beginning. Twenty minutes later she could not open her eyes at all as they bulged out in red inflamed balls.

An aunt rushed in with four yellow anti histamine tablets. The bride swallowed without asking. Typically like most brides I knew, this bride also ran on an empty stomach with only a glass of Champaign that filled her belly. Ten minutes later those pills kicked in. Now we had a crying bride with a face that looked like a boxer after twelve rounds and even worse than the red swelling was the fact that her knees went completely lame. They managed to get her onto a bed where she cried herself to sleep with a little spit making bubbles at her mouth corner.

The room went silent but for the sobs of her mom. There was nothing any person could do – she simply had to sleep off the drugs.

At the church people were told that there would be no wedding right now as the bride had a small medical emergency. The reception would start immediately. Six hours later, she did make an appearance at her own reception. Most of the guests had left by then and those who still hung around, was not paying much attention to her. Her face still looked swollen and sore, but she had the best smile I ever saw on a bride.

Proudly she took to the floor in her beautiful dress – maybe not a married woman but upon waking up she insisted that she would not miss her own reception as well. They married during a private ceremony later that week and not a whiff of make up was in sight.



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