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Guests lined up at the wedding buffet and marveled at the amazing display of food. For some reason, the massive ice cream cake desert stayed untouched. This worried the bride and she went over to see what was wrong only to get the shock of her life – literally.

Catering companies learned that food displayed fantastically could taste bland and no body will complain. Therefore, they started out doing elaborate table decorations on their buffets. Different heights are gained by placing large mirrors on bricks; drapery softens the landscape and lights flicker everywhere.

This ice cream cake was set on top of an amazing hand cut flower vase. The cake stood on a glass plate, which sat on top of the vase. Inside the vase, a bunch of fairy lights flickered happily. This made a gorgeous display.

As the ice cream melted, some dripped down into the vase causing a slight electric short problem. Guests felt a tiny electric shock as they tried to use the metal spoons to dish up some of the cake. They silently sat the spoon down and found something less problematic to eat from the rest of the deserts displayed.

By the time, the bride dug a spoon into the cake to see why people were not eating it, the wires were covered with melted ice cream and she got the jilt of a lifetime. The power trip switch killed the electricity and darkness fell upon the wedding. The normal chaos that erupts during power failures went through the guests and soon the lights were back on.

The shocking desert was unplugged and soon disappeared as spoon-by-spoon guests now tried it once again.

This story could have ended in tragedy, so funny as it may be, you should take very special care when adding electricity to public areas. Tables laid with food and drink may easily cause electrical contact points to come into contact with fluids and cause electrification. Not all catering companies are safety aware and leave plug points and connection points uncovered.

Make sure that no child or guests could reach any electrical wire or instrument. Tape down all wires that run on the floor and mark clearly. Keep electricity and fluids completely apart. Have a safety officer inspect your wedding hall before you let your guests in. This way you could save a life and stop your wedding from having a shocking ending.

Great ideas to use, as alternatives are solar powered lights, battery powered lights and even wind up lights that last for hours. These lights are not connected to any mains and will never hurt any person. You may enquire with your decorator about these options.

Many brides buy their own lights and later on use it to decorate their first Christmas together as a surprise for their new husbands. Anniversaries are also a great time to bring out the little lights again, so it will not go to waste.

Candles are not as popular as it used to be. The wax drippings from candles are not welcome in most of the wedding venues. Fire hazards occur when candles are used close to draping of all kinds of materials and even flowers can catch fire so be very careful when using candles.



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