The groom that had enough

By December 20, 2011Blog
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Somehow it is perceived that only women have second thoughts and walk away from weddings, but this groom proved the opposite to be true. His actions paved the way for many other men to take a stance against women who abuse them in such a way that no one else notices.

His story started when I met the couple to talk about their wedding pictures. From the word go I noticed a very strange behaviour from the two. She was obviously very jealous and he tolerated it with glee. The story went like this – he would get up and go to the bar to order drinks. She would follow his very move like a hawk.

As he returned to the table we were waiting at, she pretended to be very upset with him. He would then come up to her and ask what the problem was and she would ask him why he flirted with so and so. To calm her down, he would plant overly loud kisses in her neck and she would giggle like a schoolgirl.

This little ritual popped up right through the meeting – after he ordered from a waitress she demanded apologies and neck kisses; after talking to somebody on his phone the same thing happened and finally as he paid the lad at the cash register, the bride to be went into her stupor as well. I was speechless at this game they played.

Our meetings were all marked by her jealousy and his neck kisses to keep her calm. I saw red lights but he seemed not to mind at all. Then the wedding day arrived.

The ceremony was short and beautiful and she radiated love and warmth towards him. He reciprocated her adoration with tender kisses and little hugs where possible. We went to the beach for our photo shoot. It was a glorious day and the beach was packed.

Without warning the bride went into a jealous fit. She tore into her new husband accusing him of flirting with three girls in bikinis that stood watching the bridal procession. He took this as her usual craving for assurance and went in for the neck kissing, but she slapped him across his face in a furious fit. That was when he turned.

With bated breath he asked me for a minute. He took his bride by the arm and walked out of earshot from people. I could see that he was doing the talking now and she listened with large eyes. At some stage she tried to kiss him in the neck, but he took hold of her arm and kept her at a distance.

He escorted her to the wedding car where he helped her gallantly into the back seat. A few more words were said before he closed the door and knocked on the roof. The car drove off and all I saw was the bride looking back at him with a bewilderment I have never seen on a woman’s face.

As I walked up to him, I could see that he was fuming. May I catch a lift he asked? Sure I said, to the reception? No he said, to a bar. I need to drink a toast to a mistake I nearly made.

The couple stopped the paperwork from going the legal route and the church annulled the wedding. He clearly had enough of being accused of being unfaithful even if it was obvious to the whole world that he had only eyes for his girl.


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