The day before Christmas

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Often two families find themselves in a well hidden tug of war as far as weddings are concerned.
The clear and fast rules of who does what, who buys what and who gets to enjoy what, seems the main culprits. This comes from not knowing each other very well and in the end, it sometimes boils over just when no body feels like it.

The Brown family was giving their daughter to the Rezenski family whom never reciprocated with the idea of giving up their son to the Browns. This was the very first crack in the otherwise perfectly planned wedding. The bride and groom were completely oblivious to the small conversations at the two dinner tables. Most of these conversations were about who did what and who did not do what they were expected to do.

The thin line was crossed on a Saturday morning just before Christmas as the two families arrived at the same shop where the bridal registry was kept. Friendly greetings were short lived before the families made their way into the shop. List in hand they started out – quite civil and carefully watched by the opposing family members.

As the Browns found themselves at the linen shelves, the Rezenskies walked past shooting looks of ‘surely you are not getting that’. They headed for the kitchen ware. Mixers, cookers and electrical ware were lifted and examined. The Browns pushed back the Egyptian cotton they were looking at and walked right pass the others to where the dinner sets were glistening on their shelves.

In a rush to get out of the cheaper kitchen ware part of the shop, the Rezenskies nearly dropped an expensive mixer. They now headed for the appliances section where a double door fridge freezer combination was stroked and purred over as if it was the ultimate prize. The Browns decided that the 124 piece dinner set would simply not be good enough for two people and set off to join the Rezenskies at the ‘big stuff’ counter.

The salesmen of the shop watched in amazement as the families started to tag items. They worked that list like there was no tomorrow. Soon almost every expensive item on their floor was tagged with a sticker that read: Rezenskie / Brown Wedding. The families were so caught up in getting ahead that they did not even pay any attention to the price tags.

In the end, Mr Rezenskie had to dish out a total of $9,000. Tension was building to a peak as from behind the counter, the salesman announced the Brown’s bill. It was $11,000. Both men ripped out a selection of plastic and made staggered payments to fit in this massive amount of unexpected spending.

The shocked couple thanked their families for the truck load of stuff that was delivered the next day. The wedding went ahead with no problems at all, but there was one small reference to the day before Christmas when father Rezenski said in his speech that he sold his son to the Browns. Guests laughed and the couple looked puzzled – but the two families knew what had really gone down on that fateful day.

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