Tarot readings, star signs and compatibility: should we let our stars rule our destiny?

By November 26, 2013Blog
Tarot readings, star signs and compatibility: should we let our stars rule our destiny?
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Star signs are one of those things people either believe in or don’t. There are some people who don’t have an interest in delving into their sign. They might know what it is in the same offhand way one knows the name of their grade 5 teacher, but it doesn’t mean anything to them. On the flipside, are those who believe in their sign as a way of understanding themselves, who care about their sign and who relate to it. People who connect with their star sign are likely to want to understand their partners’ sign as a way of gaining an insight into their compatibility.

Image courtesy www.novel-events.com

Image courtesy www.novel-events.com

This can get dangerous. What if you read something you don’t want to hear? In this article we’ll look at all things astrology and how much truth it actually holds. Before we start, however, it’s important to mention that just because a person believes in their star sign, doesn’t automatically mean they will also be into tarot readings, fortune telling, or horoscopes. The main difference between star signs and other forms of fortune telling is that star signs do not aim to predict the future, while all the others do. Therefore you can have a person who strongly believes in their sign as a tool for self-improvement and understanding, but will not dabble in any other forms of astrology.

To begin with, let’s start by putting the human mind under a metaphoric microscope. The nature of the human mind is that the more power we give to something, the more powerful that thing becomes. Take the example of an insomniac. The longer the insomniac lies awake thinking of how he can’t sleep, the more powerful sleep becomes, and the more it will end up eluding him. The same holds true for star signs, tarot readings and horoscopes.

The more we believe in them, the more power we give to them, and the whole scenario then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you read up on your partners’ star sign and run compatibility tests against your own sign, you will be giving power to whichever part of the results you choose to believe. If you shrug it off with a ‘this is totally a bunch of psychobabble,’ those results will turn into being…you guessed it – plain old, meaningless psychobabble. You won’t think anything more of the exercise and life will progress as normal. You will marry the love of your life even though the tests showed that technically your elements clash.

Let’s now return to our original question: should we let our stars rule our destiny? The answer, of course, is no. We are the only ones with the power over our destiny. We are the ones who choose which direction to go in. We are the ones with the ability to listen to hearts and minds and take direction from them. Anything that claims to have dominion over us, whether it be another person, a horoscope in the local paper, or a bunch of cards laid out on a table, is nothing when it comes to listening to ourselves and knowing what to do.

Astrology is there to assist us, but if it’s doing the opposite something is wrong. So next time you get nervous because you’re worried about something you read or heard, think to yourself: how much power do I want to give this? If the answer is none, well done, you’ve just learnt a very powerful lesson about power. Now go out and do something fun. Perhaps you’d like to take up gardening?



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