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Join Us for a Celebration
[28 May 2012 ]

It seems that there is no end to the creativity of people as far as wedding invitations are concerned. Share with us our top 5 over the top wedding invitations.

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Thought Your Ride to Church was Special?
[24 Apr 2012 ]

Mostly the wedding car disappears after the wedding and very few ever make top billing as far as memories are concerned. But do you think your ride to church was special? Wait till you see what others decided to use.

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My wedding, my food choice?!
[1 Mar 2012 ]

To cook that someone a special meal filled with his or her favourite dishes has always been seen as a romantic gesture, so why does that someone special have to try and stomach completely different food at his or her wedding? Could the caterer actually have the last say on what gets served and what not?

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How do you pass the forever test?
[9 Feb 2012 ]

With more couples deciding to put of marriage till later and divorce rates climbing each year, one cannot but wonder – how can I be sure that this is forever? Is there such a test and can I trust the outcome?

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Max makes tracks
[15 Dec 2011 ]

He watched as people filed past him and licked the hands that gave him a quick rub. Max sat quite happily on his master’s lap waiting for the next adventure to happen in his dog life. On his neck sat the two wedding rings tied securely to his brand new collar with a ribbon. Max was the doggy ring bearer at his master’s wedding.