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So what does your bachelor do at his Buck’s night?
[11 May 2012 ]

The shroud of secrecy round the buck’s night cause many brides to wonder what actually goes down at these events. Maybe it is best to keep the secret, but letting a few out will not harm anyone – or would it?

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Thought Your Ride to Church was Special?
[24 Apr 2012 ]

Mostly the wedding car disappears after the wedding and very few ever make top billing as far as memories are concerned. But do you think your ride to church was special? Wait till you see what others decided to use.

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How do you pass the forever test?
[9 Feb 2012 ]

With more couples deciding to put of marriage till later and divorce rates climbing each year, one cannot but wonder – how can I be sure that this is forever? Is there such a test and can I trust the outcome?

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Hot wedding cake trends for 2012!
[13 Jan 2012 ]

Wedding Cake trends for 2012 revealed!

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Plan your wedding over the Christmas Break
[23 Dec 2011 ]

Christmas and New Years is one of the most popular times of the year for marriage proposals and its not hard too see why!
Being able to share your exciting news with your friends and family at a special occasion makes the Holiday season just that little bit more memorable. So.. if you have just had the big question popped there are a million and one things to think of and start planning.
Before you know it, you will be saying “I do” so its best to start getting organised early. Leave …