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In the early morning hours our bride was brought home from her hen’s night. She felt like death warmed up and barely made it to her bed before passing out from what turned out to be a case of mild alcohol poisoning. She would pay dearly on her wedding day – in a few hours time – for that one extra drink she had.

The next morning she had a good breakfast to gain some energy and spend the rest of her day getting ready. Friends and family popped in to say good luck and the atmosphere was happy and relaxed as it should be, but our bride felt her insides rumbling and turning the whole time. She put it off as nerves and went along with drinking little toasts and sipping some water between small mouthfuls of champagne.

Finally she was dressed and ready to go. We had about twenty minutes before the ceremony, so we went for a few pictures in a garden. There, with no warning or indication the disaster struck – our bride suddenly stopped in her tracks, closed her mouth and we all watched in awe how her cheeks suddenly puffed up, her eyes nearly popped out and her colour went to white.

Out came a night of partying on berry juice and Vodka. She completely soaked the front of her dress. Bewildered and shocked, she simply stood there staring at me. Then she spoke – ‘Please swap me your dress,” she said to her bridesmaid. The girl in question stood next to her and was wearing a very plain and understated white halter neck dress. Miles apart from the poofed up corset and skirt ensemble the bride wore.

We ran to the room and she stepped out of her dress and into the bridesmaid dress. The make-up artist gave her a good look and changed her lipstick from soft to bright red. The hairdresser ripped the long veil into halve and rearranged her hair to look a bit more informal. Time was ticking and when she stepped out of the room, she looked like a million dollars.

This dress simply worked for her, showing off her beautiful curvy body. Her red lips looked daring and sexy and the shorter veil worked its magic. As she walked into the church, friends and family members that saw her getting dressed earlier were shocked into complete silence as they watched a completely different looking bride walk down the aisle towards her very pleased husband to be.

Her bridesmaid simply put on a day dress and joined the rest of the people in the church. What was supposed to be a drama, now ended up as a great story for her to tell for years to come. The best support came from the wedding pictures we shot before her accident and then the new bride that we saw in the rest of the pictures. This is one of my favourite weddings that I will remember fondly for years to come.


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