Surprising ways to bring romance back into your engagement period

By November 15, 2013Planning Your Wedding
Surprising ways to bring romance back into your engagement period
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Some people thrive on wedding planning. They get a glint of excitement in their eye every time the word ‘wedding’ is merely mentioned, a spring in their step as they walk into their dressmaker’s for each fitting. These people (usually females) find the buzz of planning a wedding simply thrilling. They can talk about it for hours with anyone willing to listen, they have stacks of glossy bridal magazines, and, if they were called upon to do so, would have no trouble writing a miniature thesis on the pros and cons of hair up do’s. Are they obsessed? Maybe a little. But they are also just living the dream they have always wanted. And all this is nice and fine – until their fiancé steps into the picture and can’t begin to understand what all the hype is about.

The engagement period can pose as a trying time for couples, especially when a scenario like the one above plays out. It can be hard to think about romance when you and your fiancé are working out guest lists and balancing budgets. So even though one of you might be into the actual planning of your upcoming wedding, the other might just want things to go back to how they were. Romance is important in any couple relationship, but becomes all the more important during the engagement period when it might unintentionally cease to exist. Therefore we bring you some practical ideas on how to bring the romance back into your wedding planning, claiming back the most important part of your relationship and reinvigorating your passion for the key person in your life right now: your fiancé.

Let’s take a look at what romance entails. To many people, the word ‘romance’ suggests candlelit dinners and walks on the beach at sunset. In truth, romance can take on many different forms. Our definition of romance is anything that helps draw you closer to your partner. This can be anything from sitting out on the patio sharing a mango to taking a run through the bush together. Romance should be something that is enjoyable for both you and your partner. It should be something that reminds you of the unique connection you share. It doesn’t matter quite so much what you do, as long as both of you are in it together and it is mutually agreeable.

So, now that romance is out in the limelight, what are some ways to bring it back into the engagement period? Like mentioned earlier, romance is not really about grand gestures. Yes, it’s nice for your fiancé to surprise you with a hot air balloon ride, but there are other ways to be romantic with your partner. Here are a few of our own ideas: picnic lunches, boat rides, shared bike rides, listening to music together, cooking dinner for your partner, visiting quirky markets, swapping favourite books, visiting your local park, bush walking, fishing, people watching, movie marathons…and the list goes on. Find activities you both love to do and do them. It’s as simple and as easy as that.

Bringing romance back into the engagement period is quite a simple thing to achieve once you realize that romance is about using everyday activities to your advantage. So next time you feel as if romance is lacking, put aside those balance sheets, go find your fiancé and surprise him with something special.



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