Romantic Proposals (Tell us about yours)

We asked the Bride Online team to come up with their favourite wedding proposal stories.  We know there are lots more super amazing and romantic proposal stories out there so leave us a comment and tell us your story.

Message in a bottle
Take a romantic stroll on a beach and a strategically placed bottle. The proposal and ring are in the bottle!

Treasure Hunt
A variation on the message in the bottle theme. The bottle contains a treasure map with the location of the buried ring!

An ipod filled with favourite songs and record your own track at the end of the play list

Inflight announcement
if you are heading off or returning from a holiday. Ask the flight attendants to get involved and make an in flight announcement!

Under the sea!
lovers of scuba and snorkeling listen up! Tuck a bunch of plastic flowers and waterproof sign into your dive suit and pop the question underwater!
At the game
Head to a sporting event? Ask the organisers to put your proposal message on the scoreboard at half time!

Say it with flowers

A bunch of flowers sent each day with a card with one word written on the card each day. Will. You. Marry. Me?

Hot Air Balloon
A romantic proposal at sunrise with champagne with a captive audience!

Image: Dezine by Mauro



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Join the discussion 2 Comments

  • Erin says:

    It was the other way around in our relationship… I asked him! (while he was playing a computer game, mind you… Perhaps not the most romantic night of my life!)

  • Genevieve says:

    Aw. Those are so cute. Do real proposals really happen like that in real life? Mine was not very romantic or a surprise!

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