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For years and years Brides and Grooms have relied on bridal registries as their main source of informing their guests of what they would like to receive as a wedding gift. These days its common to ask for cash (also called a wishing well) or for a Honeymoon Fund with a Travel Agent.

The team at Bride Online have been discussing the pros and cons of the bridal registry and have decided to ask our readers what they think…Do people actually like buying gifts from a registry or do they feel limited by the choice and not able to express their flair in a gift that has been chosen by someone else? Or, is the bridal registry the greatest invention of all time? Making shopping for the happy couple simple, fast and being able to stick to a budget? From a Bride and Grooms perspective, what do you guys think? Need some cash to get the cash? Want the glasswear or prefer to leave it to your guests to choose something for you?

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