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By November 3, 2011Hair & Makeup
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Our bride chose a beautiful open shouldered dress that fit her body like a glove. The night before her wedding, she got into her dress for the sake of her best friend. Together they cried a few tears and shared a few hysterical laughs of excitement.

Just before she took of her dress again, her friend remarked that she looked very pale and a bit of a tan would just show off the dress perfectly. They decided to get some quick tan first thing in the morning.

The day of the wedding the two took to the streets early to find a quick bronzer, but living in quite a small town, they quickly learned that very few stores stocked that sort of product. In fact, they could not even find a single application. An elderly woman suggested that she used some Conies Crystals.

Now if you do not know this product, it is purple crystals of potassium permanganate that when dissolved in water turns human skin a bronze brown colour. The two rushed home with their crystals and ran a bath. Instead of a few crystals, they decided to empty the bottle – this was an emergency tan after all.

The bride got into the purple water and lied down. Every now and then she would come up – nope, no change yet, so she would lie back again. The water came up to her ears, leaving only her face above the water. “Remember to put some on your face,” her friend reminded her, so she splashed some over her face every few minutes. But nothing happened. So after twenty minutes she got out of the bath.

The lady forgot to tell them about the delayed reaction of the crystals and also not to stay in the water for longer than a minute.

As dry air hit her skin, the reaction started and her skin started to change. First she saw a yellow tint to her skin, which then turned to a warm orange, and finally she had a toxic looking mud brown complexion. Her face stayed a ghost like white with only a few splash marks that also turned brown. The palms of her hands stopped at the bright orange stage. Her beautiful blonde hair turned into a green that would have Shrek making eyes at her.

Her screams carried through the streets of that little town and put the cows out of milk for days.

No matter how much scrubbing they did or what scouring agent they used, her skin colour simply intensified to a very dark and unhealthy purple brown with her orange hands and white face to complete the circus look under her green hair.

There was no wedding that day. There was no wedding for six months until her skin finally shed enough for her normal pale skin returned. The bath still has a purple stained bottom halve. Her mother says the bride would not go into that bathroom ever again.

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