Questions to ask your wedding photohgrapher

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On Monday we put the call out to you to submit your questions for a professional wedding photographer to answer… In the meantime we have put together a list of questions you should be asking your wedding photographer (more practical than technical) so make sure you get this sorted out early, we hear of brides ALL THE TIME who have had really, really, really bad wedding photographer experiences. Avoid them by starting with these top 10 questions to workout the professionals from the back yard amateurs…

1. How many photographers will be present on the day?

2. What will you be wearing (you want them to blend in. No Hawaiian shirts, unless thats your theme)

3. What happnens if we cant shoot outside due to bad weather?

4. How long will it take to shoot the whole bridal party

5. Do you have any other weddings booked on the same day?

6. How many cameras will you shoot with on the day and what type of images do they produce? (wide angle etc)

7. How long will you stay at the reception and capture the guests for? Is this an additional expense?

8. What are your rates and what does that include? How long until we can collect our album/prints/discs etc etc

9. What are your qualifications?

10.Do you have any references?


Image: Tobias Graham Photography



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