Poll- Are you spending less on your wedding?

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A recent report has shown that more Australians are deciding not to have lavish weddings (and in some cases, not having weddings at all) in favour of saving their hard earned cash to put towards mortgages, honeymoons, kids etc. We here at bride Online know that you don’t need to spend a bomb to have a beautiful wedding, but want to know what you think… so take our poll and let us know what your thoughts are on spending money on weddings.



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  • Donna says:

    I agree! My fiancĂ© & I are in the process of planning our wedding and I can’t get over how much everything costs!! At the end of the day we just want our family & close friends with us to share the experience & great photos & video footage to remember it. So we’re opting for a small intimate wedding. We had a big engagement party & told guests then of our plans & that we appreciated their support & company in comming to the wedding because that was basically our reception in a sence, because the actual wedding will be very small. And they understood.
    I just don’t see the point in spending all that money to feed everyone & give ‘them’ gifts for coming to our wedding. It’s money we can use for our honeymoon! And with our new mortgage , we need to budget well. I know big lavish weddings are lovely, but you need to think about what’s important to you both. For us it’s close family & friends sharing in & witnessing our vows & great photos to remeber it. The reception aspect to us is a bit unnecessary. We’re opting for a Destination Wedding where we’ll have a cocktail party on the beach & a mini holiday with close family & friends. Then disappear for the honeymoon. We can always have a big BBQ celebration when we get back 🙂
    But obviously, everyone gas different visions for their big day. It is true that you only get to do it once (well, ideally you should anyway, otherwise why make those commitments at said ceremony, hahaha).

  • Linda says:

    My brother and his wife spent over 50 grand on their wedding. However my fiancĂ© and I are planning on a small intimate wedding and hoping to pay around the $5000 mark. We’re both shy but he’s even more than me so small would suit us fine.

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