Plan for disaster… wedding day worst case scenarios!

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So, your big day has finally arrived and it seems as though everything is going according to plan… or was… do you have a “Plan B” for these potentially disastrous scenarios? Cover all bases today to ensure your wedding day runs like clockwork

Rail, Hail, Snow (or all of the above)
The is nothing like the weather to ruin a perfectly good wedding. Plan for all seasons. Have an indoor and outdoor option and make sure your venue can accommodate this.

The dress doesn’t fit
Its not uncommon for dresses for the bridal party to be ready a week or but if you have a pregnant bridesmaid this could be a problem. Ask for a fitting a two days before the wedding and keep some “shapewear” on hand.

Someone has gone missing
Do you have a great uncle Harry who likes to wander off? A rogue groomsman who has nicked off to a quiet corner for a quiet one? Have someone on hand to herd all of the guests and bridal party in the general direction you want them to head in. Extend your ushers duties to include the reception and ask them to keep the exists covered and to keep a close eye on any known escape artists.

The photographer
The photographer impressed you with his images at your initial meeting but watching them in action makes you nervous. Learn from my friends experience and as soon as you suspect your photographer is NQR, voice your concerns! Let the photographer know EXACTLY what you want and then get a friend or family member to try and get some back up shots. If you have done your homework correctly and asked to see a wide variety of their work (like the last 10 weddings, not just one couples day) you should be ok.

Image: pjm photography



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