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Do you love ripping up your bridal magazines and sticking them back together to create mood boards and inspiration walls?
Yes, we thought so. Most Brides do! So imagine our surprise when we came across this amazing website that is just like a virtual scrapbook. There are literally thousands, no make that HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS inspirational images here that will have your creative juices flowing. So, before you sign up there are a few things you need to know.

Pinterest is like a visual diary of bookmarks that you have collected from all around the web, its a collection of items that you can share with others. You can create different folders for things you may be looking for or for things you want to remember (for example weddings, DIY, food inspiration etc)

1. Its highly addictive
2. There is an iPhone app to support your addiction whilst on the train/bus/tram/waiting in line etc etc
3. The site is to be used as “inspiration” don’t forget many of these images and the items may be under copy write
4. You can thank us later as to how awesome this is and how much you love us for sharing it!

So, we present to you… Pinterest!




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