Pets on your wedding day: the do’s and don’ts

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Anyone who’s owned a pet for a significant period of time can tell you that pets are often more than just pets. And because pets can play such a huge and important role in people’s lives it is only appropriate that they should make an appearance at special occasions such as a wedding. But things can get messy if done incorrectly or without proper thought.

A perfect example of how to include your pet on your wedding day!

A perfect example of how to include your pet on your wedding day!

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Sure one of these options may be “Hillarious” but the other will keep your pet feeling comfortable all day long.


Freddie the pooch can leave dirt patches on his owner’s white dress and Gladiator the cat can skulk off and hide if one of the guests gives her a look. Just like there is a right and a wrong way to do your wedding ceremony, so too there is a right and a wrong to involve your pets in your wedding. Here it is – the ultimate guide to doing things right in the pet department.

Do inform your guests beforehand (especially those with pet allergies) that they will be sharing the space with your beloved pets, but don’t assume that all your guests will be cooing over your bulldog terrier, Missy, just because you are.

Do take precautions and come prepared. A soiled bridal gown is not the most tasteful attire, so it’s important you don’t overlook the small details and leave behind the just-in-case items. ‘Just-in-case’ is in the same categorical basket as ‘Better-safe-than-sorry.’

Do think about giving your pet a specific role in your wedding (ie: ring bearer) to make them feel special, but don’t expect they will be able to fulfill this role without practice and training beforehand.

Do take into account your pets personality so that you don’t end up with a pet that refuses to cooperate.

Do hire a pet sitter for the day of your wedding, but don’t let them meet your pet for the first time on your big day. Just like humans, pets can take time to warm to someone.

Do brief your photographer that they will have to include your pets in the photographic equation, but don’t assume that your pets will fully cooperate with the photos.

Do go all out and dress your pet up in an adorable tuxedo or bowtie, but don’t forget that pets need to be comfortable, too. It’s never a smart idea to compromise safety for style.

Do enjoy having your pets there on your big day, but don’t let them steal the show. It’s your big day and they are the sidekicks.


Exhibit B: One reason to keep your little man locked up!



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