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Swap me your dress please!
9 Mar 2012

In the early morning hours our bride was brought home from her hen’s night. She felt like death warmed up and barely made it to her bed before passing out from what turned out to be a case of mild alcohol poisoning. She would pay dearly on her wedding day – in a few hours time – for that one extra drink she had.

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The Vanishing Photographer
6 Mar 2012

There was a cry for help, but nobody heard it. After an hour he stopped calling for help and simply sat there staring ahead of him. Looks like this wedding was going to go ahead without him. ‘Pity’, he thought, ‘especially as I am the photographer’.

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My wedding, my food choice?!
1 Mar 2012

To cook that someone a special meal filled with his or her favourite dishes has always been seen as a romantic gesture, so why does that someone special have to try and stomach completely different food at his or her wedding? Could the caterer actually have the last say on what gets served and what not?

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Cabbage on the menu?
28 Feb 2012

Wedding catering is a business all about presentation, taste and flair, so please spare a moment for the caterer that got told – ‘we want cabbage on our menu and lots of it’. Don’t get me wrong here – nothing wrong with cabbage, but serving it as part of a delicate menu at a wedding proved to be a complicated task. Oh and then there was the little incident as well.

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Wedding dress trends for 2012
28 Feb 2012

The day that Catherine, now Duchess of Cambridge stepped out of that vintage car to marry Prince William, the wedding dressmakers and designers could not be happier. They knew that the era for soft and romantic dresses were back and will stay for years to come. Unlike the semi fiasco that Lady Diana, Williams mum wore on her wedding day, Catherine hit the nail right on the head and knock off versions of her dress already is the number one request for most designers and dressmakers world wide.

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A wedding planner from hell.
23 Feb 2012

He looked the part and talked the language of a real wedding planner, so our bride hired him, but soon she learned that she booked herself the wedding planner from hell. A pity she did not find this out early enough to do something about it.

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A Tiny Hole in the Floor
21 Feb 2012

The reception venue was perfect and after all the decorations, flowers and table settings were done, it looked like the dream wedding our bride always dreamed of. So deliriously happy was she, that she did not see the tiny hole in the dance floor.

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Valentines bride – no way
14 Feb 2012

With the day of love and romance upon us, many brides decide to invite ST Valentine day to their wedding. This romantic day is marked worldwide with millions of people getting hitched in a gesture of ultimate romance. But a few are taking an opposite stance and refuse to invite a dead saint to their weddings.

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How do you pass the forever test?
9 Feb 2012

With more couples deciding to put of marriage till later and divorce rates climbing each year, one cannot but wonder – how can I be sure that this is forever? Is there such a test and can I trust the outcome?

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Get me to the church on time
7 Feb 2012

The bridal car is one of the decisions that very few of us think of as disaster zone waiting to ruin your day, but beware, getting you to church on time is not always what the driver may have in mind.

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Awards Season Gowns!
30 Jan 2012

Its awards season Brides to be… and that can only mean one thing…

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Oh holy veil
24 Jan 2012

During my many years as wedding photographer, I watched many smokers suffer through their wedding day as they tried their best not to smoke in their wedding attire. Others simply did not care and were almost permanently walking in a puff of smoke through the whole thing. One of them learned a lesson.

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Hot wedding cake trends for 2012!
13 Jan 2012

Wedding Cake trends for 2012 revealed!

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Translating the Melbourne dress code
10 Jan 2012

Summer brings out a flurry of one-piece simple cut dresses onto the streets of Melbourne. Cut perfectly, sitting somewhere between the knee and the thigh and if it is not black, the colours are muted. These little dresses are designed to show the natural curves of women perfectly. So I wondered: How does this office fashion translate into bridal wear?

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Who takes the lead in the honeymoon suite?
5 Jan 2012

The cake is cut, the confetti swept and the dance hall empty – time for the honeymoon. Ask any newly wed couple and many will tell you that their first night was the worst of their entire honeymoon. Could this be due to a lack of understanding about who does what in the honeymoon suite?

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Where there’s smoke, there is fire.
3 Jan 2012

Turns out her jacket was fake leather and the plastic started melting sending some smoke rising from her back. ‘You are smoking’ a suitor said. ‘Yes, she answered coyly, but don’t tell my dad.’ Her giggles rang out at her own silly joke. ‘No’, he insisted, ‘your clothes are smoking.’

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See Grace Kelly’s wedding dress in Australia!
30 Dec 2011

The Bendigo Art Gallery has a super special exhibition in 2012 from one of the worlds most famous style icons…

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Hosting your wedding takes effort.
29 Dec 2011

We have seen it numerous times – brides and grooms getting on with hosting their wedding days; not giving each other any special attention only to meet after the wedding asking: So how was your day?

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Don’t step on the dress sir
27 Dec 2011

The thing with some wedding dresses are that the poor groom cannot get close to his bride without stepping on her dress. This problem only rears its ugly head on the actual day, as this is the first time the couple try and manoeuvre their way round wide dresses and long trains.

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Plan your wedding over the Christmas Break
23 Dec 2011

Christmas and New Years is one of the most popular times of the year for marriage proposals and its not hard too see why! Being able to share your exciting news with your friends and family at a special occasion makes

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A Bee or not a bee
22 Dec 2011

You’ve seen them at weddings – the mother of the bride that simply cannot stop herself from acting like the most important person at the event. Sometimes nature helps them in their quest for attention by providing the ultimate attention grabbing moments these mothers crave.

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The groom that had enough
20 Dec 2011

Without warning the bride went into a jealous fit. She tore into her new husband accusing him of flirting with three girls in bikinis that stood watching the bridal procession. He took this as her usual craving for assurance and went in for the neck kissing, but she slapped him across his face in a furious fit. That was when he turned.

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Table Centerpieces to die for!
16 Dec 2011

Looking for a super cute yet budget friendly table centerpiece solution? You are in luck, we have one!

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Max makes tracks
15 Dec 2011

He watched as people filed past him and licked the hands that gave him a quick rub. Max sat quite happily on his master’s lap waiting for the next adventure to happen in his dog life. On his neck sat the two wedding rings tied securely to his brand new collar with a ribbon. Max was the doggy ring bearer at his master’s wedding.

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Haste makes waste
13 Dec 2011

That was when her nerves simply gave in and she cried herself to calm. Loving hands helped her up, restored her as best possible and helped her to her waiting groom.

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Wedding photo booths with (an awesome) twist!
9 Dec 2011

Want to know the next big thing in wedding photography that will have your guests talking about your wedding for years to come?

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8 Dec 2011

The bride nearly fainted as crushed orchids and destroyed St Joseph’s lilies fell from his backside. Her screams filled the room as she dramatically fell down next to the chair swooping her destroyed bouquet into her arms.

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Culture shock
6 Dec 2011

You decided to combine your cultures into one wedding and now you are facing some interesting decisions, but fear not, many other couples from different cultures also tied the knot in style

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Ball of Pain
1 Dec 2011

As she walked out of the church, a married woman, she cried out – ‘Watch out!” and like an Olympic hammer thrower she tossed that ball of pain down the pathway.

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Would you buy a wedding dress from a “chain store”? Online?
30 Nov 2011

Love shopping online with the strong Aussie Dollar? Would you buy your wedding dress online?

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The Pied Piper of Australia
29 Nov 2011

The bride put her foot down – she will get married in that church, but the rats must go.

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The shocking desert.
24 Nov 2011

Guests felt a tiny electric shock as they tried to use the metal spoons to dish up some of the cake. They silently sat the spoon down and found something less problematic to eat from the rest of the deserts displayed.

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Butt nothing!
22 Nov 2011

The bottom line – pun intended, is to look where you sit your bride down.

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