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Engaged and expecting: The pregnant bride
17 May 2013

Planning a wedding can be a hectic and sometimes stressful time. But what if you’re planning a wedding and you also just happen to be pregnant?

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Pushing the envelope: 4 wedding invitations that will ‘wow’
10 May 2013

These days everyone is looking for weddings with an edge. That little something different or unique that will make your big day stand out and be remembered. When done right, even the smallest wedding detail can attract attention and a sense of wonder in a how-did-they-think-of-that kind of way.

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A bride a groom and…a skydiving plane: the How-to’s of extreme weddings
9 May 2013

Even an event such as a wedding, that is typically very traditional, is approached differently for people who don’t believe in fitting into boxes

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5 things you don’t want to forget on your honeymoon
2 May 2013

Nobody ever expects things to go wrong, especially on something as blissful as a honeymoon, but the reality is that it’s better to come prepared than suffer the consequences.

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Top 15 quirky wedding photo ideas for those not willing to grow up
1 May 2013

Add a level of fun and playfulness by choosing locations that are a little less serious to get those non-traditional wedding photos.

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Bridal bling: how much is too much?
24 Apr 2013

Lots of girls like things that sparkle: Diamond watches, diamond bracelets, oh, and did we mention the ring thing? But how much is too much ?

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Thrift shop bride: How to source your entire wedding from your local charity store
17 Apr 2013

If you love op shopping – and even if you don’t, you’ve got to admit they make for great treasure hunting activities, even for your wedding!

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The Facebook wedding: where privacy and private lives are blurred
4 Apr 2013

… Now picture a large screen, perhaps the size of a movie theatre screen, but instead of a movie playing on the screen, your personal photos are being projected live in front of hundreds of watching eyes. How does that make you feel?

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Real figures and the Barbie ideal: has Barbie shaped our wedding insecurities?
28 Mar 2013

Life is full of contradictions. We are expected to grow into balanced and healthy adults with a positive body image, yet all around us the media is telling us we don’t quite measure up.

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On Kitchenaids and kitchen knives: 3 tips for forming your wedding registry
25 Mar 2013

Gift registries are the lolly lands of wedding planning. That moment when we can walk into a shop, choose whatever and have our gifts delivered to us?

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Cut, clarity and credit cards: 3 tips for choosing your wedding ring
22 Mar 2013

Three things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding ring with the aim of easing some of the pressure surrounding this little piece of rock real estate.

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Anne Hathaway and Reese Witherspoon have done it. Will you too be persuaded to wear a coloured bridal dress?
14 Mar 2013

Someone along the line decided to shake things up a little, replacing tradition with terrific and the norm with the unexpected and this attitude is being reflected all over the world!

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Reception shopping without the headache: 4 tips to finding your ideal wedding venue
13 Mar 2013

Just like regular shopping, where you walk in to a store, see something you like and try it on for size, shopping for a wedding venue can be done in much the same manner.

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Two left feet and one wedding dance: how to dance like no one is watching
8 Mar 2013

Some people are born dancers. They crawl out of the womb with the grace of a third year ballet student, and proceed to tap dance through life, pirouetting around anything that may come in the way of them and their inherently graceful limbs. Others are not as lucky.

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Those cringe-worthy things we call families
6 Mar 2013

While it is not essential to get along brilliantly with your husband’s family, for the sake of not upsetting your husband and keeping the peace, it is important to maintain a healthy relationship with them.

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5 questions to ask yourself when determining your guest list
21 Feb 2013

It’s time to do that dreaded task. You know the one we mean – the one you’ve been pushing off until the last minute. Yes, we’re referring to the guest list. That typed out list of the people lucky enough to get an invite to your wedding.

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Rules of attraction: Do we marry our mirror image?
15 Feb 2013

Everyone knows relationships are complicated, but how often do we break down attraction itself?

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Wedding on a shoe string: DIY ideas for amateurs
11 Feb 2013

Weddings do not always have to be traditional, elaborate affairs complete with the posh venue, chauffeur driven wedding car and fancy three course dinner.

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5 tips to take your wedding from mediocre to memorable
7 Feb 2013

You want a memorable wedding, one with all the little personal touches. You want a wedding that guests will not only enjoy, but rave about afterwards.

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When wedding planning becomes dangerous: five ways to keep from blowing the budget
4 Feb 2013

It may happen sooner or it may happen later: that moment when you realise just how many different expenses are involved in the planning of a wedding.

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Overbearing mother in laws: unexpected ways to bridge the divide
1 Feb 2013

Everything is fantastic. You’re marrying the love of your life and you couldn’t be happier. There’s just one tiny, niggling thing that bothers you in quite the same way as that pestering fly …

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She was the last person in the world expected to get married. So why now is she donning the white dress?
24 Jan 2013

It’s a scenario you might have seen replayed in one of your school friends, or even in yourself. We know the type all too well.

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Top 5 mistakes couples make on their honeymoons and how to avoid them
21 Dec 2012

If each part of the wedding process – the pre-wedding, wedding, and post wedding periods – were compared to a meal with entrée, main and dessert, the pre wedding period would be the entrée, the wedding itself, the main and the honeymoon, the dessert.

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Shameful secrets and burning lies: are you hiding anything from your fiancé?
19 Dec 2012

People are like bottomless vessels. We contain so much, yet when you try to dig to find the bottom, there is always more to be found.

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Brides ask: Do I want a poster Wedding ?
17 Dec 2012

In the planning of a wedding, one of the things a bride must decide on is whether she wants her wedding to be poster material. By poster material we’re talking five beautiful bridesmaids in a row in matching dresses, five handsome groomsmen in a row, all distinguished in that too-good-for-real-life kind of way.

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hairstylin’ it
10 Dec 2012

A bride’s hair on her wedding day is an extension of her dress. It’s something that, when done well, will look fantastic and complete the outfit, but when not quite right will end up bringing the entire outfit down.

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hello, my name is insomnia
7 Dec 2012

It’s two o’clock in the morning and your body is as heavy as a sack of potatoes but your mind is as active as a five year old on a trampoline. Sound familiar? Anyone who has ever been plagued with a case of insomnia will be able to tell you just how familiar it sounds.

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a colourful family at a black tie event
5 Dec 2012

Some families are…for lack of a better word, colourful. Are you nervous about your family embarrassing you on your wedding day? Your not alone.

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the bridezilla alter ego
29 Nov 2012

It’s my wedding day and the photographer is late. It’s MY wedding day and the photographer is LATE. How could he be late on MY WEDDING DAY? Come to think of it, the centerpieces are not quite as they were pictured, the bouquet in my hands is slightly off centre.

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Help! Do I really want to do this?
26 Nov 2012

What you have to realize is that you can be completely head over heels over your fiancé, been looking forward to your wedding from day one, and these thoughts may still decide to play games with you. In other words, thoughts like these are completely normal in most cases.

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The unconventional hen’s night
22 Nov 2012

For some people a fun night out involves downing copious amounts of alcohol and doing things you don’t want to remember the next morning but are fun at the time.

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You know I’d walk a thousand miles
19 Nov 2012

According to grandmothers everywhere, you can tell a lot about a woman by her hair and by her shoes. We all know a bride’s hair will be perfectly in place on her wedding day, but what about a bride’s shoes?

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Will my dress fit?
14 Nov 2012

We know that moment all too well. That moment when you slip on your wedding dress a week before the wedding, waiting for the dressmaker to zip or button you up. You stand up straight, focus your energy on positive things, draw your stomach in and your shoulders back and…

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Healthy in body, mind and spirit
9 Nov 2012

Weddings are fraught with equal parts of nervous and excited energy & anxiety. Here is your guide to a balanced & healthy lifestyle, in body, mind and spirit,

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Til death do us part
5 Nov 2012

Wedding vows. Do those two words put together make sweat beads form on your brow and your heart start to palpitate? No, we’re not talking about the act of committing yourself to your fiancé for the rest of your life, we’re talking writing those vows. That moment when the wedding pauses, the room quiets down and all the attention is on the two of you.

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The Shy Bride
1 Nov 2012

So you’re getting married and it’s all super exciting in that way that makes you want to go “Aaaahhh” while doing a mad little hopping dance and squeezing the nearest person or inanimate object. But when you do release your energy with a high pitched “Aaaahhh” it comes out less like an excited squeal and more like an exclamation of terror.

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Join Us for a Celebration
28 May 2012

It seems that there is no end to the creativity of people as far as wedding invitations are concerned. Share with us our top 5 over the top wedding invitations.

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So what does your bachelor do at his Buck’s night?
11 May 2012

The shroud of secrecy round the buck’s night cause many brides to wonder what actually goes down at these events. Maybe it is best to keep the secret, but letting a few out will not harm anyone – or would it?

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Thought Your Ride to Church was Special?
24 Apr 2012

Mostly the wedding car disappears after the wedding and very few ever make top billing as far as memories are concerned. But do you think your ride to church was special? Wait till you see what others decided to use.

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The day before Christmas
13 Mar 2012

Often two families find themselves in a well hidden tug of war as far as weddings are concerned.
The clear and fast rules of who does what, who buys what and who gets to enjoy what, seems the main culprits. This comes from not knowing each other very well and in the end, it sometimes boils over just when no body feels like it.

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