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Are you like me and when it comes to packing end up with a few pairs of underwear, one t shirt and a shoe for a months worth of travelling. As much as I am a fan of “lets just buys it when we get there” There are some things that you need to pack for certain destinations… Since you are probably going to be a little distracted in the days leading up to your wedding, its a  good idea to pack your honeymoon case a few days before, using a checklist to make sure you dont end up with a mish mash of completely unwearable clothes!

1. Start with a list
2. Consider planning with a calendar, ie: sightseeing, beach, travel days. This REALLY helps if you are an “over packer”
3. Select items from your wardrobe that will mix and match well. Think dark neutrals (light colours show up stains)
4. Pack comfortable FLAT shoes for day wear. Pack a pair of heels if you think you will need them. You probably wont.
5. Pack items like leggings and jersey dresses that don’t require an iron.
6. Pack a scarf or Pashmina no matter where you are going.
7. Pack a swimsuit, you always regret not packing one
8. Share toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste etc) to keep your bags light
9. Accessories often make an outfit so pack belts and bangles rather than too many dresses
10. Dont “over pack” you will need lots of room to bring home all of your shopping! Share toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste etc) to keep your bags light



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