Owning the suit: How to look and feel comfortable in formal wear

By August 27, 2013Blog, Grooms
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Weddings usually have a few unspoken rules: female guests who attend should veer away from wearing white, corsages for men are the go-to option, and the groom and groomsmen should all follow an unwritten dress code, also known as formal wear. For some men, donning formal wear for a night seems easy and effortless, like throwing on a formal persona. But there are many people who choose to wear the elegant t-shirt and jeans ensemble more days of the week than they’d like to admit.

3b46c1794842efec41740d3162311e94For those who belong to this category, the thought of wearing a stiff suit or a tuxedo, even for one night, can be enough to elicit days of anxiety beforehand. If you or someone close to you is getting married, and you’re unsure how to manage wearing formal wear – and appearing comfortable in it – this article will give you a few practical tips. So let that wedding-induced anxiety sit on a shelf for a few minutes and listen in.

The first thing to take into consideration is that there are many types of formal wear options out there. This means that, lucky for you, there is an attire to match every personality – even yours. Have a good look around at the kind of formal wear that is available, and choose one that is simply more you. Of course, you’ve got to make sure it is also appropriate for your situation, so choose carefully. Otherwise you may be at risk of a sore-thumb scenario. A good way to know which formal wear happens to suit you is to try before you buy. The thought of shopping may make you cringe, but if you want to feel comfortable in your own skin (and suit) you’ve got to dedicate a few weekends to looking around for an option that you like. Once you’ve settled on a suit or tux that brings out the best in your personality, the hardest part is already over. So, what’s next?

What we’re about to suggest next may sound a little strange, but bear with us. If you’re the type who has only ever worn formal attire once or twice in your life prior to this wedding, the only way to truly be comfortable in your attire is to wear it. And by wear it, we mean, trying it on and doing every day, normal activities while you have on this $500 suit. Watch TV in your suit, fight with your housemate in your suit, pace around your house practicing your wedding speech – do what works. Of course, care has to be taken when doing formal wear practice runs so you don’t end up dirtying or ripping your outfit in any way. But the purpose of wearing your outfit before the wedding is just so you will feel more at ease in it on the big day. Everyone knows there is a very big difference between owning a suit and letting it own you, so to ensure you are the one owning the suit, do a few dress rehearsals and you’ll see a marked difference in your confidence and composure on the wedding day itself.

If you’re not fully engaged with the ideas mentioned so far, here’s another quick tip to wearing formal wear proudly. Once you’ve chanced upon the outfit you want to wear to the wedding, try personalizing it in some way to make it your own. Some ideas include wearing a bowtie or tie, or finishing off the outfit with a spunky bowler hat or suspenders. All these little touches will help you feel totally comfortable in your black tie attire, and will also have the added benefit of injecting a sense of fun and playfulness in what might otherwise have been a boring ensemble. As the saying goes, when in doubt, have some fun; when having fun, there’s no room for doubt. Yes, we just made up that silly little quote on the spot, but the message of it holds true. Wear your suit with pride and you’ll have an awesome night, regardless of what you’re actually wearing.


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