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We here at Bride Online are always being asked for ideas… the latest question to come though is from one of our Bride to Be club members who is getting married in a remote area which doesn’t have easy access to a florist. Rather than paying for a courier to deliver flowers for the bridal party and table decorations, the bride has come up with a more inventive idea of having an Australian Native bouquet and having non floral table arrangements.

Our idea was to buy (or make) giant bubble candles (think the size of a large fishbowl) infused with beautiful aromatherapy scents to match her bouquet. Think Kakadu Plum, Desert Lime and Lilly Pilly!

The great thing about this eco and budget friendly option is that you can keep the candles and have them around the home and in the backyard as a reminder of your special day!

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  • Crystal Gardner says:

    I am not having flowers on my tables by choice.. people should do what they feel is right for them not what is expected.. your idea sounds lovely!

  • Renata says:

    great post thanks

  • nikkipants says:

    we decided we didnt want flowers as centrepieces but i think that also has a lot to do with us not wanting to go with traditional just because everyone else has in the past…

    i thikn this idea sounds lovely!!!!

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