Rules That Can Be Broken

Rules That Can Be Broken
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The first known mandate for white dresses had applied to debutantes being presented to the queen long before was any connection was made establishing white as an official wedding color.  The tradition of white for bridal gowns and weddings in general began with Queen Victoria. She chose a white wedding dress for her marriage ceremony to Prince Albert in 1840. Prior to and after this royal wedding, bridal gowns and wedding colors continued to be presented in other colors, with heavy brocading using silver, and all colors of the spectrum, from black and brown to vibrant red, a particularly popular color. White gowns came to represent a higher status, as only the elite could afford the necessities to launder white fabrics acceptably. Then came the level of purity belonging to the bride–somehow seen as a matter for public scrutiny–with any variation from a white gown producing the typical disdainful responses one might imagine.


White Ruled, but Not Forever

Eventually, white became the predominant color for practically all things, wedding-related–even on occasion, the bridal bouquet. Thankfully for people who appreciate the freedom to include color in planning their nuptial ceremonies, white as the be-all “non-choice” no longer applies. Today’s weddings are more focused on uniqueness, rather than the former standard of purity, which incidentally (however dishonestly,) became the color choice of almost every bride, regardless of their pre-wedding “experience.”

Color Awesomeness for 2016 Brides

With a few exceptions, brides of 2016 are choosing more dreamy, light and softly-whispered shades that include mint green, blush pink and antique ivory. Each of these blissful shades artfully convey a fresh and very romantic turn for color inspiration that manages to merge classic with unconventional appeal.

Red Rocks the Bridal Week Runway

In revolutionary drama, Vera Wang’s red wedding dresses set the tone for so many awesome bridal dresses to come, with designers like Johanna Johnson’s more shiny and slinky, silhouette-draped styles to the aesthetically mermaid-inspired tulle skirts that Dennis Basso created for Kleinfeld. When red is the color of the number one holiday for love, why shouldn’t it be included in weddings, too? Red roses are still so very popular on their own or combined in floral bouquet mixes for the bride. Red-themed Russian inspiration for weddings is currently trending, with dazzling red chairs and tablecloths, and red accents throughout. Red fondant roses offer a vibrant touch to the wedding cake, and what about a red getaway car for the newlyweds?

Blush Pink Rules

There is still so much power to convey youthful dreams and passion with pink-themed weddings. Blush shades are huge right now, with exceptional popularity. They’re entirely feminine, and there are so many designers picking up the trend with dazzling accessories to incorporate more and more of this soft pairing for everyone in the wedding party, as well as the decor. With angelic shades of blush coloring, wedding arches fully billowing with blush flower shades create a feeling of Heaven for the nuptials. Blush pink is the ideal shade for everything at the reception. Centerpieces, card holders and luxuriously gorgeous blush details on the cake are truly inspiring for every eye.

More Blush for Romantic Appeal

Blush conveys an ephemeral sense of bliss that no other colors or shades can manage. They are trending in so many shades to love, with subtly-toned roses as delicate boutonnieres, perfect shades for white dresses, and they can smoothly dictate the color of the entire wedding palette. Light and tender shades of mint green, lavender and peach offer the perfect symbolism for a union founded in love. A wedding is a time when tradition merges with newness in a manner that blush tones manage to totally capture.

Newer Styles for More Uniqueness

Among the more newly introduced options in wedding dresses are a distinctive array of “mix and match” coordinates. Sold separately, now brides have more ability to have the gown they want, their way. With tops offered separately from bottoms, there’s a lot of room for uniqueness and personal styling that did not exist previously. We expect to start seeing a new form of color combos in wedding dresses, from soft, subtle distinctions to surely more vivid pairings. These will surely inspire new, sophisticated color combinations for decor and flowers, too. Additionally, some brides are sticking more to less color predominantly, with quite bold accents to every detail. White dresses may include a bold touch with a vibrantly colored sash, and some matching array in the bouquet.

Dramatic Depth from Non-Tradition

Don’t be surprised to find a 2016 bride gracing the aisle monochromatically clad in rich, maritime blue. Navy colored wedding gowns are totally unique and deep blues or navy’s add a distinctive measure of elegance that is totally new and fresh. Another one to check out is silver. It’s a gorgeous wedding color, and is an exceptional choice for decorations. The beautiful, bolder-colored choices are best when used in conjunction with soft neutrals or white, but can be used fully, and with dramatic results.



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