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vegas wedding dress

Hi from sunny Las Vegas, wedding capital of the world. Whislt Im here I thought id go ahead and plan my own wedding… no there is no ring, not even a fiance, its just me and my imaginary groom! Join me as I plan my big fake Las Vegas wedding in just three days!

3 days to go!

Wow, I’m getting married in 3 days, I have checked the wedding planning checklist on bride online and decided since its just my imaginary groom and I, we don’t need to worry about all the extra stuff that most brides need to think about. So I have made my own list and it looks something like this…

Suit (for Groom)
Hair and Make Up
Reception (actually this is just a dinner reservation as its just the two of us)

So, as you can see its a pretty short list, which is a good thing as I only have 3 days to plan it.

First things first, I need to find a dress. I LOVED the Donna Karan dress that Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men) wore to the Emmys, sadly it was a one off and since this is a real-fake wedding I need to find something off the rack. so I head to Barneys New York Department store at The Palazzo Hotel. I find this amazing Donna Karan floor length jersey dress that is completely unique (it can be worn several ways) which makes the $1500 price tag an absolute bargain! How many brides can say they can wear their wedding dress again and NO ONE would notice! The dress comes in blue or black. I decide black is best for the occasion.

Now, no outfit is complete without a pair of awesome heels. Since ive saved so much on the dress (and on the wedding all together) I decide to splurge on the shoes. Christian Louboutin, is also located in the shopping mall at the Palazzo so it seems a good choice (also, its SO hot outside I cant bear to leave the AC) I see them from outside the store. There they are! The Lady Lynch Strass. Ruby Red and 12cm high. They are are whole lotta shoe… with a pretty hefty price tag ($900) but hey, you only get fake married once right!?!

vegas wedding shoes

Whilst I’m off looking for my shoes and dress, I remember that I need to get my fake groom a suit. I head over to Ted Baker at Ceasars Palace and pick up a suit for my groom to be. Since he is not fussy (hey, he is fake and has the body of a model, I pick up a single breasted 1 button suit in grey ($895) and a pair of Ashcroft shoes in black leather  ($165) along with a shirt and tie combo ($145 for the shirt and $85 for the tie) Perfect.

bride online

Well, that’s it for today… come back tomorrow and check in on my reception and ceremony plans… I’m off to check out were all the celebs such as Britney and Sinatra tied the knot!



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