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My big fake Vegas wedding! Part 3

18 October 2010 5,542 views Article By:

Up early with a quick morning dip at the pool, some sun and healthy breakfast. I hit MAC for my wedding Make up ($100) (located at Cesar’s Palace) and head back to the hotel. Touch base with the wedding co ordinators and spend the afternoon in my room with some room service and cable TV)

I make reservations at MIX at TheHotel ($400) (adjoined to Mandalay Bay) and check into the V suite ($104) at TheHotel ( with views from the floor-to-ceiling windows of the Las Vegas strip.

No pre wedding jitters for me… after all it is my perfect fake Vegas wedding with my perfect groom!

Wish me luck!

My fake Las Vegas wedding costs

Dress $1500

Shoes $ 900

Grooms Suit $895

Grooms Shoes $ 165

Spa $300

Ceremony $2500

Marriage License $55

Reception $400

Wedding night accommodation $104

Total: $6815

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