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Choosing which venue to be married at in Vegas is easier than it sounds. Each of the hotels have their own chapels and often they have more than one to offer and then there is the “drive thru option! After much deliberation and after visiting the world famous “little white chapel” I decided I was after a slightly more classy affair (although it did look like fun… think “The Hangover”) I decided to go with the Tropical Sunset package at Mandalay Bay.

The package is $2500 and includes:
Two wedding co ordinators to assist with the ceremony
Private Beach location (in the middle of the desert)

The wedding co ordinators seem really friendly… I’m sure they do this day in and day out and although they have seen thousands of weddings between them, they are very friendly and seem genuinely interested in helping me with my wedding plans.

In the meantime I start looking into the legal requirements. Nevada law states that:

A man and woman who are unrelated and are both at least 18 years old may be issued a marriage license in Clark County. Proof of age may be required. Both must appear at the Marriage License Bureau in the County Courthouse, at 200 S. 3rd Street, 1st floor.

No blood tests are required (lucky… I don’t like needles)  A quick check of the list and one low payment of around $60 and we are good to go ( I double check with my groom that we are both 100% ready to go ahead as an annulment costs around 10 times as much as the marriage license.

With all of that sorted I head back into town to the day spa at Cesar’s Palace where there are Roman baths and unchlorinated hot pools, cold-plunge pools, AND an Arctic Ice Room with man-made snow falling from the sky. nice!



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  • Auth says:

    That’s a gorgeous photo! And I love that they cut the cake boefre the pictures…I think it’s so rude to make people wait – sometimes more than an hour! – to see the bride and groom and start enjoying the reception.We had a very small (but elegant, I think) wedding. I’ll probably blog about it this summer, on our anniversary in June. For one, that’s just me…I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the money on a huge to-do. Also, it was only a few months after my mom passed away, so I actually wanted to be more intimate, even a little subdued.I love hearing about your history with this couple…so awesome! And I know you’ll all enjoy that dinner together so much. 🙂

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