More cute and creative Save The Date ideas!

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Last weeks post was such a HIT that we have decided to put together another post with a few more cute and creative “Save The Date” ideas! Here are another 5 ideas to get your guests super excited about your wedding and to make sure they pencil YOUR wedding in and not someone else’s!

So, here are another 5 cute and creative ideas… leave us a comment below to share your “Save The Date” ideas.

1. Custom printed napkins… perfect for cocktail receptions

2. Tea Towels. Check out Tea Towel Keepsakes and their range of awesome tea towels that you actually WANT to display in your kitchen!

3. Send a book of Matches with your save the date information printed on them to “spark” their interest…

4. Set up a photobooth style shoot with you and your fiance holding the save the date details up to the camera

5. Ribbons. Have your information printed on a ribbon and attached to a postcard “tied around the finger”

Image: MiniMoko



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