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In the past, bridesmaids, regardless of size and shape were subjected to wearing the same dress as the other attendants.
We are big believers of its not a one size fits all for bridesmaid dresses and want to know what you think…

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Trying to find a dress style that suits a multitude of body shapes is a nightmare. What works for a leggy 20-something might not work for a new 30 something mum. By having mis matched dresses it gives you the flexibility to allow your attendants to feel comfortable in something that actually suits their style. Here are a few ideas on how to co ordinate mis matched bridesmaid dresses:

Start with a colour and ask your bridesmaids to choose something that they feel will suit them. Consider going for different shades of one colour (ie pink) as not all shades suit all complexions

Strapless dresses are a bridesmaids worst nightmare. It doesn’t matter if you are large or small busted, there are only a small number of girls who can actually pull strapless off. Consider having your bridesmaids in different cut dresses (perhaps in the same colour) or event having a mixture of long and short.

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These days shopping is all about the “cost per wear” if your bridesmaids are paying for their dresses, consider having them in something they can ACTUALLY wear again. brides are often delusional when it comes to “wear it again-ability) trust me I know. I have a hot pink and red satin and sequin dress in my wardrobe that I was told on many an occasion” you can SO wear this again…


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So, there you have it. The argument for mis matched bridesmaids dresses… are you convinced or would you prefer a more traditional uniform approach?

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