How to maximize wedding decorations to create a mood for your wedding

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Wedding venue? Check. Mood lighting? Check. Flowers? Check. Wedding decorations? Umm, not yet.

This may be the inside of your brain right now as you compile checklist after checklist of things you need to get done before your upcoming wedding. Wedding decorations may very well be one of the last things on your mind. After all, many people view it as an ‘extra.’ If you are in throes of planning your wedding and have not yet thought about wedding décor it’s not too late.


As you will see in this article, wedding decorations can be super simple to arrange. It’s just a matter of knowing what kind of look you’re going for and being proactive about putting small steps in place to achieve it. Here we’ll demonstrate 3 different wedding themes and some of the decor ideas to help bring those themes to life. The themes we’ll be looking at are: the classic wedding, the bohemian wedding, and the modern wedding.

If you are going for a classic and elegant feel for your wedding, try thinking along the lines of neutral colours and plenty of elaborate touches. Start off by arranging silk chair sashes that match your colour scheme. Chair sashes are a good way to create a royal feeling in your venue. Then start thinking about other ways you can create a mood. Centerpieces that tie in with your theme are always effective. Fresh flowers make great centerpieces, but artificial flowers can work just as nicely.

Flowers can be entwined around tea light towers, arranged in small bunches, or in one large central arrangement. Flowers are a great way to add to that feeling of abundance and lavishness. But that’s just the tables. You may also want to think about installing a ceiling or curtain of fairy lights, having a large, elaborate wedding cake and draping large pieces of fabric to add to that feeling of royalty. Whatever you do choose to include in your décor, make sure it ties in nicely with your classic and elegant theme so that the look you choose is unified.

Image Courtesy of Pink Frosting

Image Courtesy of Pink Frosting

For the bohemian themed wedding, it’s all about including rich, earthy tones and plenty of fun embellishment. Bohemian weddings work nicely with outdoor venues, but they can be just as effective for indoor ones if the decorations are arranged with a bit of thought. Wedding decorations for a bohemian wedding should draw on ethnic influences and should include lots of bold patterns and metallic gold and silver. A good centerpiece idea is to use scented candles and arrange them inside brass lanterns with coloured glass panes.

Mood lighting is also the go-to option. Another décor idea is to use real tree branches decked out in fairy lights and placing them around the venue in pot plants as a way to create that bohemian vibe. The bohemian wedding is just as much about colour as it is about embellishment so don’t be afraid to include both of these when deciding on the décor for your wedding.

While the classic and bohemian themed weddings are all about abundance, the modern wedding centers around clean, sleek lines and a minimalist approach. Colour can be used, but sparingly. If you choose to involve colour, choose just one, or two at the very most. Decorations for the modern wedding should also reflect the minimalist approach. Think modern lighting fixtures, statement centerpieces and clean-cut place cards and table numbers.

Flowers also make great centerpieces for the modern wedding, but instead of them being arranged in a typical way, care should be taken that the arrangements become talking points. The modern wedding is about structure and poise, so choose your decorations carefully so that you don’t veer away from what the values of the modern wedding.

Whichever theme you do decide to run with for your own wedding, the main thing is to follow through with your theme consistently. This will ensure your wedding comes across as authentic. By sticking to your central theme you will also give yourself guidelines to work within, which actually makes planning your wedding decorations easier. Be as creative and resourceful as you can. You’d be surprised how much you’ll be able to achieve without breaking the bank once you add a bit of brain power to the picture.

Enjoy the process. You have hired a personal wedding stylist, (you), so rise to the position and thrive in it. After all, how often do you get the chance to style an entire wedding?



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