Lunch hour wedding planning: how to juggle full time work with full time wedding planning

By September 24, 2013Blog
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Imagine the job description of a wedding planner: pulling together a large scale event, negotiating between photographers and caterers, wedding bands and dance floor hirers. The job of a wedding planner is a job for a highly skilled, super-efficient individual with enough brains to do the job well and enough time to be able to.

exhaustedsNow imagine if afore mentioned wedding planner was working to capacity trying to put together a wedding for a client and also working at another, completely unrelated, full time job. If you are the one planning your own wedding and you also happen to be employed full time, it is as if you’re doing just that.

Planning your own wedding is an involved task that can occupy a few months of your time. It may not be a job you get paid for, but it’s one that is likely to be all-consuming. How then do we juggle working full time at our regular jobs with working equally as hard on our own wedding after hours?

If you do find yourself in this situation, it’s a good idea to keep work and your personal life separate. In other words, when you’re at work, focus on work, when you’re at home, focus on things not relating to work – in this situation, planning your wedding. Trying to maintain clear boundaries of what belongs at work and what doesn’t will help you perform best at work while you are there, and will allow you the freedom to concentrate on non-work matters when you leave. There can be nothing more irritating than the bride to be who is constantly asking co-workers for their opinion on trivial wedding matters and is not able to meet the task at hand because her head is off in la-la-land.

Another good idea is to think of work in a positive light instead of as something inhibiting your wedding planning. If you treat work as a distraction, as something that gives you relief from the stress of wedding planning for a solid amount of hours each day, you will begin to appreciate the consistency and the predictability of having a job to turn up to each day.

But what do you do if you simply cannot switch off the thoughts buzzing around in your head? What if even work is not enough to distract you? The answer lies is what you do outside of work, instead of while you’re at work. If you address your concerns in the appropriate manner and in the right time, you’ll be able to free up some of that head space and as a result you’ll be able to concentrate better on your job. Try delegating certain tasks to family members or willing friends. It doesn’t say anywhere that you alone must take care of each and every thing that needs doing for your wedding. Endeavor to get things done early. This will also help free up head space and bring clarity. Talk over any concerns or issues you have with someone trusted. Ask for advice from people who have been there and have done it. And do all of the above so that you’ll be freer to put all your energies into your work.

As the weeks creep closer and closer to your wedding you may realize that those wedding thoughts are almost impossible to switch off. This is normal. But even though it’s normal you are still the owner of your actions and have the power to make a conscience decision not to let the thoughts overtake. Keep your work and home life as separate as you can because this will allow you to perform your best at both your job and everything else you may be juggling. Practice seeing the benefit of having work that occupies you instead of thinking how it is taking you away from planning your wedding. And if you still simply can’t switch off? Don’t be hard on yourself but do try to organize yourself in a way that keeps the thoughts at bay. And in the worst case scenario? Plan your wedding from your lunch hour. All those hours must add up eventually, right?



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