Kim Kardashians “starter” marriage…

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So, in case you have been living under a rock for the past week, its been impossible not to have heard that the worlds flashiest bride of 2011 is also the worlds most recent divorcee…

It was announced earlier this week that Kim had filed for divorce and she had whipped her mega engagaemetn ring off and un followed husband Kris Humphries on twitter faster than you could say… I dont…

It got us thinking… with the number of Hollywood quickies is it more acceptable now than ever to have a “starter marriage” By this we mean one that doesnt quite work out for whatever reason, that we get a “do over” or second chance at having another go round the wedding cake table…

tell us what you think, are “starter” marriages more acceptable or do you get a little peeved when you hear of couples splitting so soon after their weddings….

Image: E! news



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