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Josh pops the question…

22 August 2011 1,843 views Article By:

Unless you have been living in a cave, over the past 2 months its been impossible not to have been caught up in this years biggest TV show, The Block.

The show wrapped up last night with the auction of the 4 properties which were renovated by contestants room by room.
The twist in last nights finale wasn’t that the auctions didn’t go to plan (3 of 4 were “passed in”) it was that contestant Josh, got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend and fellow renovator, Jenna.

So, it got us to thinking.. have you gone through a life changing event with your partner after which they proposed?
Renovating, travelling the world, Buy a house, starting a family, starting a business?

Congrats Josh and Jenna, we cant wait to see the uber stylish pics from your wedding!

Tell us, we want to know!

Image: The Block

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