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It seems that there is no end to the creativity of people as far as wedding invitations are concerned. Share with us our top 5 over the top wedding invitations.

This couple made up an elegant box covered with black velvet. When you removed the lid, the inside was lined with pure white silk. Guests found inside two hand crafted glasses made in Venice and a bottle of French champagne bottled in the year the groom was born. Round the neck of the bottle hung the invitation tied with a hand made golden necklace. The boxes were hand delivered to 50 guests.

Not to be outdone, another couple had their invitation written out on the naked bodies of muscular men. These messengers went off and then did a little strip dance for the invited guests and at the end handed them a set of golden rings for him and for her from their fingers. These rings were worth half a million dollars and acted as the entry pass to the wedding.

What about the couple that invited their guests with a short film they send out. Nothing extravagant about that you would say, but the stars of the film may have you change your mind: the first part of the production was presented by no one else than a young Elvis Presley and the second part was sung by Doris Day. Those years the making of such a production was as expensive as making a full length still movie.

A well known American business mogul send out his wedding invitations attached to private yachts. Yip, guests took delivery of a twelve foot sailing boat named after the business man. Tied to the stern was an invitation to sail to a specific island and enjoy a wedding celebration. It should be mentioned that he only invited 25 people to his wedding this way – the rest flew in on private jets.

Topping the list of wedding invitations is the couple that flew their 100 closest friends and family members to Las Vegas on the pretence that they will be attending a function. Each of the guests were picked up by limousine and taken to their closest airport where a private jet waited. Onboard was the wedding invitation as well as a choice of designer garments, fine jewellery and the best shoes especially chosen and designed for each of the guests.

In Las Vegas the guests were driven in style to their own suites and attended the wedding the next day, had a long lunch and most of them flew back again the same night. The whole wedding was estimated to cost as much as the budget of an international sporting event . Keep in mind the guests flew in from the Middle East and back for this sneaky wedding.



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