How to wear a dress: bridal advice for tomboys

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Not all girls grow up liking dolls and playing nicely in the corner. Some learn to ride bikes and climb trees before they learn that a dolls hair is not meant for cutting. The term, ‘tomboy’ refers loosely to the second type of girls.


These girls are street smart. They beat older brothers in running races, can jump a fence faster than you can say, ‘But you’re a girl,’ and have an innate love of action and adventure. Tomboys tend to grow up favouring jeans and a ripped T-shirt over party dresses and frills, and sometimes – sometimes, they never change. This is an article for the tomboys amongst us, and the tomboys at heart. If you yourself are a tomboy and are getting married, here we provide you with a small guide to doing things your way, being an individual and…wearing a pretty white dress (or at least a dress) on your wedding day.

bride climbing trees in outdoor wedding

Some girls still climb trees

The first thing that’s important to mention is that weddings should always be what the bride and groom want. This means that if you’re getting married and you happen to be a bit unconventional, you shouldn’t feel pressured to perform in a way that is unnatural for you or compromises your standards. So when it comes to making decisions about your dress, feel free to come up with a solution that pleases you first.

Take the advice of well-meaning family and friends with a grain of salt and arrange a bridal outfit (it doesn’t have to be a dress necessarily) that you personally feel comfortable and good in. If you’re uncomfortable in your get-up on your wedding day it will show, so take the time to put together an outfit that meets your style and one that you feel completely at ease in.

Things like what style bridal dress to wear and how feminine you want to look on your big day is a personal decision. You can choose to break your mold and don an unexpected feminine and flowy dress, or you can choose to create a much more minimal look by keeping your dress, hair and make-up simple and effortless. You may want to have two different dresses to be worn at the formal and casual parts of your wedding.

That way you can wear a dress that is very traditional for the ceremony and formal family photos but when it comes to the reception and the dancing change into a more comfortable option that is better suited to your personality. Whichever style dress you do end up choosing, it should be one that does not restrict movement or is too fussy. You may not be climbing trees on your wedding day, but you need to feel as if you can still move.

On your wedding day itself, have a frank chat with your hair and makeup artists. It won’t get you far to allow them full reign without first checking in with what they have in mind. Hair and makeup should go nicely with your outfit so make sure both these professionals have a look at the dress before they start.

When they’re done you’re all free. Go greet your wedding guests and watch their bewildered faces while they silently wonder where the real you went.



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