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Uber model Kate Moss’s wedding album has been featured in this months UK Vogue. The images show a romantic, fun and playful vintage inspired event which brides all over the world are lusting over. The reality is we all cant look like Kate Moss or afford a super fancy celebrity photographer like Mario Testino, however there are somethings you can ask your wedding photographer to do to recreate Kate’s wedding album…

1. location, location, location
Ask your photographer to scout out some locations that suit this style of photography

2. back lighting
Many of the images in Kate’s album are backlit, which means the light source is behind the subjects

3. Colour
Kates wedding was meretriciously colour coordinated. The palette featured natural tones which complimented the locations. Go for “low contrasting colours” to achieve this look.

4. Post Production
The “washed out” dreamy effect that this wedding album has is mostly down to post production and Photoshop editing. make sure your photographer has top notch skills or at least has an assistant who  can re create this look for you.



Image:  Mario Testino/VOGUE via



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