How to combat rain on your wedding day

By October 1, 2013Blog, Outdoor Weddings
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You’ve planned everything to the very last detail. Your gown is pressed and steamed, hanging and ready for you to slip into it. Your bridesmaids are scheduled in to the minute with your hair and make-up teams. You know exactly what time the photographer is going to show up. Your reception hall has been set up two days ago. The band instruments are tuned. Now the only thing left to do is wait and enjoy.

It's like rain... on your wedding day!

It’s like rain… on your wedding day!

But hold on a second – is that rain you hear coming down outside? A million and one thoughts flash through your head: What about the pre-planned outdoor shots? What about the getting in and out of the wedding car? What about the dress? Will it survive being dragged on a wet ground? Panic slowly sets in.

Rain is one of those things that we can’t control. It doesn’t matter what season it is, and sometimes it doesn’t even matter what the weather report predicts. Rain can happen at any time, and if you’re not prepared for it on your big day, it can seem like the world has come to an end. But with the right attitude and a plan of attack, rain on your wedding day can seem a lot less troublesome. Here we bring you a few quick ideas of ways to combat rain on one of the most important days of your life.

First of all, one should always have a plan of action put into place beforehand as this will take an uncomfortable situation and make it seem more lighthearted and bearable. For example, your wedding shoes should be good for all kinds of weather and have sturdy, non slippery soles. In the event of rain, good, solid shoes will stop you from sliding and tripping.

The floors in many reception venues are often made from tile or marble so a solid rubber sole will work magic on a rainy day when everyone trails the wet inside. Your wedding gown should also be constructed in a way that the train can be pinned up. On a very rainy day a long, flowing train will act as a magnet for dirt. Worst comes to worst, if your dress is very long, you’ll need a few people helping you get from the car to your wedding venue. If you’re getting married in winter, also think about hiring or purchasing an elegant stole or coat – something that won’t look out of place with your dress and can at the same time provide warmth.

Photo opportunities are also something you can work your way around if it happens to rain badly on your wedding day. While it may not be wise to attempt beach photos in the rain, there are still plenty of ways to achieve great shots in different settings. Ask your photographer to take you to a mansion, art gallery, or heritage house. All of these settings will serve as the perfect elegant background for your romantic shots and, as a bonus, you’ll stay dry.

Above everything, try not to let the rain get in the way of your happiness. Rain is a natural occurring phenomenon, and it helps rejuvenate the earth and bring life. If you want to get all soppy and sentimental, in a way that’s what getting married is all about – a communion that continues life. So don’t freak out when you see those drops. Just pray that your photographer is skilled at taking superb umbrella shots – the kind that make you look like a movie star.



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