How to choose the ultimate videographer for your wedding

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We all know the power of a good film – the way it can move you to laughter or tears, simply entertain or drive home important life lessons. Your wedding video should be no different. It should contain just the right amount of moving scenes and capture the funny moments as well as the embarrassing bloopers. Wedding videos are extremely important as they are the one thing that will capture your wedding in its entirety – in real time. So, naturally, you’ll want to hire a videographer who can film your wedding as it happens and deliver it back to you a month or so later, on tape, to keep forever. There are many good videographers out there, which can make it more difficult to find the one you want to work with. To eliminate some of the hard work, here is a method to finding and choosing the ultimate wedding videographer.

Wedding Video – FOREVER YOURS – Tamsyn & Chris from ARTISTIC FILMS

Before you start on your hunt for the perfect videographer have a chat with your partner to determine what it is he is looking for in a wedding videographer. As you probably know, there are many styles a wedding video can take, so discussing your partner’s vision, and matching it against your own, will enable you both to find a videographer who possesses the qualities you’re both looking for. Next, do some research. Ask your friends who they used, and even watch a clip or two of their wedding video. Viewing the videographer’s work first hand is the best way to get a handle on their style and the way they work. Once you’ve decided which overall video style you’d like, scout around on the internet for videographers who work in that style. Keep in mind that the artist’s website should be a reflection of their style, so if you like the website design, that’s always a good start.

Next comes the field research, and by field research we mean watching clips on potential videographers websites, reading reviews and recommendations written by some of their clients, and chatting with some of your own friends to help gain more of an understanding. If you like what you hear, and are happy with the clips you’ve viewed, now is the time to take it a step further. Find a time to chat with the chosen videographer to discuss how your ideas meld with theirs. Don’t be shy when it comes to asking them to tailor their skills to your wishes. A good videographer will have more than one trick up his or her sleeve, so asking for certain things will only work to get you the results you want.

If your phone conversation goes according to plan, now it’s time to talk business. You’ll need to book your videographer ahead of time – in fact, as early as you possibly can. Reputable videographers will need at least a few months’ notice in order to accommodate you, so get in quick and secure a booking or you may end up disappointed. Once the booking is in place, arrange to meet with your chosen videographer in person to further discuss any qualms or queries you may still have. Now is also a good time to vocalize which parts of your wedding you’d like documented the most. Another good idea is to show the videographer photos of your immediate family and friends who you most want to feature in your wedding video. Without these clues, your videographer may assume that Great Aunt Mary is actually your mother and nobody wants to see Great Aunt Mary taking over your video, right?

Lastly, when it comes to the day of your wedding, simply forget the videographer is there, or you may end up with an ‘Do-I-look-alright?’ attitude that lasts – annoyingly – the entire wedding long. Either that or you’ll feel as if it’s a crime to stop smiling, even for one millisecond. Natural shots are always best, so let your videographer work his magic, while you sit back and enjoy your wedding. Just be prepared for a few ‘Did-that-really-happen?’ moments when you watch your video for the first time. And in case you’re wondering if Great Aunt Mary did, in fact, hide her teeth in the nearest pot plant during main course – the answer is yes, because you now have it on camera.



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