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So, the man of your dreams has popped the big question and you have said YES! What surely will come next is all of your friends and relatives asking WHEN you plan on getting married…
There are so many things to consider when planning and setting your wedding date, so read on before you set anything in concrete and make sure you have everything covered before you commit to a date!

First things first, its best to check that none of your friends are planning weddings for the same day/weekend (we don’t want a “bride wars” scenario happening here!)

Check the calendar for public holidays (and remember they vary from state to state, so if you are having a destination wedding check those holidays too) Public holidays can also mean a surcharge on receptions and services which will quickly add up.

Avoid times like Christmas and Easter (unless of course you WANT to combine these holidays with your wedding) Lots of couples make wedding plans for this time as their family are already in the one place.

Spring, Summer and Autumn weddings can be more expensive times of the year to get married, so consider if the timing is important to you. Of course you want to make sure you aren’t going to be flooded/snowed in and that you are going to be able to move around freely to have things like photographs taken, however if you plan on having your wedding and reception at the same venue then perhaps a winter wedding might work for you.

Certain days of the week can be more expensive than others, so if you think your guests will be able to attend a “non traditional” day, then plan your wedding for a weekday, or a Sunday and save some serious cash!

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