How do you pass the forever test?

By February 9, 2012Blog
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With more couples deciding to put of marriage till later and divorce rates climbing each year, one cannot but wonder – how can I be sure that this is forever? Is there such a test and can I trust the outcome?

The answer is a stone cold – No, there is no deciding test to take, no fancy computer program to use or info line to call. The answer you are seeking lies in your own heart. Please note that the term your heart and not his or her heart apply. Forever does not depend on his or her decision, but mostly on your own.

You know your inner most feelings best, so take some time to visit these feelings that developed for your partner. Find a quiet place where you can dream, laugh and cry as much as you want to. Take a picture of your partner with you and follow a few short steps to find yourself and where you are at in your forever story.

Firstly have a good look at his lips. What is the very first feeling that comes to your mind? Maybe your first kiss still lingers in your memory, or his voice as he talks softly in your ear at night. His mouth could also bring about feelings of mistrust – he kissed a girl and he liked it, or even a feeling of resentment – he drinks way too much. Explore all the feelings that come to mind as you carefully study his mouth.

Find the curves of his lips, the lines of his cheeks, and the form of his chin. Do you find yourself swooning and longing for his kiss – you may be one step along on your forever road. If not, note your questions and decide whether you will want to talk about them to your partner or not.

Now move your interest to his nose. Often seen as the main characteristic feature, the nose sits right in the centre of the face. Can you draw the shape of his nose without looking? Women and men are often drawn to stronger noses, as deep in their subconscious minds they feel safe in the fact that this nose will not be the target of fun makers. Nose jokes killed many a relationship with deadly accuracy.

Does his nose remind you of sounds he make when he sleeps or laughs? Maybe his habit of snoring or sniffing drives you up the wall. Again gage the extend to which your emotions are triggered when you focus on a single body part. Are you clicking your heels still? Then move upward and find his eyes.

Often referred to as the window to our souls, the eyes have a life all of there own and boy, do they show and tell. I still have to meet the person that can control his eyes perfectly – even actors have that problem and needs hours of preparation to find that singular look the directors are chasing. So what does your partners eyes do to you?

All of us would love to say that we get completely lost in his or her eyes and want to swim in those pools of light to the deepest sanctuary of his or her being, but can we? Does your knees go weak, as he looks you deep in the eyes? Maybe you are drawn like a moth to a flame when he drops his eyelids and gives you that puppy love look.

Take a moment and look his picture straight in the eye – what happens deep inside your soul?

Is it love you are feeling or simply sexual tension? Are those the eyes of your future children looking back at you? Let the emotions flow over your whole body, but be prepared for some surprises. What do you feel when those eyes wander off to look at other women? Does he look back at you with love and respect or is there a cold dullness in his eyes when you are having an argument?

My dad always had this amazing light in his eyes whenever my mom entered a room. He had no control over this as he always looked at her with warmth in his eyes. To him, she was the most beautiful and loving woman he knew and his eyes always reminded her of that. Are you getting those feelings from your partner’s eyes?

Some eye wars are worst than those fought with real weapons. Is his eyes penetrating your soul and almost seeing right into your deepest darkest secret – what does it do to you? Are you on the defense by means of attack, or do you break the eye contact and return some weak and lame looks from time to time. Does his eyes scare you; remind you of daggers flying in a fight?

It is obvious that you only need to take the time to have a real good emotional look at your partners face to gage the readiness you have to walk down forever road with him or her. There is no failing this simple procedure, nor can you put the photo down and make a life changing decision right there and then. This method only brings you in touch with what you are feeling inside.

Should this process leave you feeling loved, cared for and extremely ready to be his other halve, run down that road and jump into forever’s arms with all the trust, devotion and carefree romance that you found. Enjoy.





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