Hot wedding cake trends for 2012!

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That’s right brides to be, another year of wedding planning means another year of trends to stay on top of, understand and consider implementing into your wedding. Today we are looking at wedding cakes and what types of cakes will become popular in 2012, have a look at what the Bride Online team below are predicting as trends and don’t forget to check out all of our talented wedding cake suppliers in our directory!

2012 Wedding Cake Trends…

Forget the little figurines, its all about using the bride and grooms initials as cake toppers!

Filled cakes are all the rage, particularly strawberry and raspberry and of course… chocolate!

Cupcakes are still popular and are complimented with “Lolly Buffets” in complimentary colours and flavours

Tiered cakes are must popular and the bigger the better, remember, not every layer needs to be edible

Fondant icing is popular, its is great for decorating and can look just like a real ribbon or decoration on a cake… and its edible! Yum

Vintage is a huge wedding trend for 2012 and it also extends to cakes. From recipes to decorations, vintage touches are everywhere!



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